Owari No Seraph Episode 1 Thoughts.


First episode. First minute. First explosion. First army of Assassin Creed rip-offs. First title drop. For now, this is looking like the first anime of the season that I can actually like without trying too hard.

– So this anime has all the cards for me to be turned off by it; dramatic scenes with children and all, but hey, Owari pulled it off, and now we find ourselves in a four year time skip, where our protagonists  are about 12 years old and the Assassin Creed rejects use the surviving children as test subjects.

– Test subjects? basically, some virus killed everything and everyone over the age of thirteen, well, except the Assassin Creed rejects, apparently, who are now calling the kids by their name – though not really, just our protagonist Eren Jaeger and his bestfriend Armi– I mean Mikaela, which is a gorgeous name by the way.

-Assassin Creed rejects hussle up and step on the hands of hopeful little kids and also injects them with something. Strike 1.

– Metrosexual vampire appears and apparently it´s not the first time he invites a small boy into his mansion to suck his…suck his blood. This is just dirty fanfiction fuel.

-Is…is that a fucking cgi walking cycle?

– 7:43 weakest punch in anime history.

– Can someone please tell me wheter or not half these scenes are cgi? I´m getting slightly paranoid.

– So Mikaela went to the mansion to get sucked. His blood sucked. And ever so conveniently steals a map and a gun that kills vampires. Now, why the fuck do vampires have guns to kill vampires? This has trap written all over it, and not just the questionable hentai type.

– Eren and Armin decide to cross the city walls and start a life together, this show taken out of context is the campiest thing since that tree scene in Free! eternal summer.

– I called it. I fucking called it. The metrosexual vampire appears and the kids get slashed up in a way that´s reminiscent to Elfen Lied. I hate Elfen Lied. For now, I´m loving Owari No Seraph.

-Cue the revenge scene and Eren made it out and immediatly gets picked up by a rebellion gang. Cue another time skip, cue awesome ending and cue me calling this the best anime so far in this season, not that that´s a difficult game to win.

-As I´ve said, Owari is not a show I usually enjoy; It´s kind of cliché, but for the first episode, they made it work. Despite my dissing I really like the characters and the animation is great. Except for that painful cgi walking scene. Y´all made Attack On Titan, why you cutting corners? I will definitely watch this.



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