Ore Monogatari Is The Best Shoujo Ever (Except When It´s Not)


Oh my god, your title doesn´t even make sense so your opinions don´t count. Get off the internet because blogging isn´t for you. There you go, I´ve said it so you don´t have to, you can now do something productive with the six seconds I´ve spared you, because I can hear the angry mob coming from miles away and I´d rather avoid it but am also too lazy to think of a better title, so maybe I don´t care that much after all. Oh well.

Personally, I think Nana is the best shoujo of all time, quickly followed by Paradise Kiss and the almost two decade old Kare Kano – if we´re looking in the past five years though, I might want to agree. Ore Monogari isn´t awful. In fact I look forward to it week after week even after getting mercilessly slammed by my friends for being gross and bubblegum romantic (something they don´t understand because 10 minutes later I thirst over the thighs of pretty Kpop idols and kinky fanfiction) Anyway. Ore Monogatari it´s probably the best shoujo to come out in literal years.


The title of “best shoujo to come out in recent years” really doesn´t say shit though. Because there´s a handful of things the vicious internet anime community can agree on, one is that tentacle porn is one hundred percent socially acceptable and the other is that romance and anime just don´t blend well, and in the odd case that it´s a full on shoujo, it´s generally infested with dirty clichés and the climax that´s not marriage or sex or getting a mortgage, but holding sweaty hands on an even dirtier rooftop if this were to happen in real life, there would be a group of fuckboys listening to bad music next to you. Chances are it´s too awkward to be remotely romantic. In fact the girls friends would probably be eavesdropping and they´ll never let you forget it.

Understandably, an anime that isn´t full of adolescent first world problem angst is refreshing. It´s even more refreshing when it´s done by the one and only studio Madhouse and even more refreshing when the original content seems dead set on making it as sweet and not cliché as possible. I don´t think that is a correct sentence, but bear with me.

So what makes Ore Monogatari good?

I wouldn´t know. I ain´t no licensed jobless cartoon critic, but I have a few thoughts while procastinating on my Greek make up exam coming up next month though, so it counts.

Ore Monogatari works because it´s sweet. So sweet in fact you might want to die if you marathon it. It´s light as a feather and although it has some clichés, the clichés themselves don´t feel annoying because as I´ve said, the show is light and fluffy, so the clichés are light and fluffy, and hopefully you´re emotionally invested enough to fall for them.

Ao Haru Ride and Ookami Shoujo are two of the more recent shoujo anime that come to mind, the former is about a pretty tragic boy with a frindge and the latter is about a pretty boy with some anger issues that could warrant the police and five different kinds of different domestic abuse lines.

Ore Monogatari is literally about a couple of unlikely huffle puffs drinking tea and getting shy over holding hand. The thing is, they actually hold hands. I don´t think the angsty dickwads of the afromentioned shows ever went that far. Plus the bestfriend character is the main character and the pretty boy main character is the best friend character. Plus they have the best bromance to come out a romance anime. Plus it´s funny.

To my surprise, most of my IRL friends watch the show because of Suna. I think these friends have kind of missed the point of the show, but what would I know.

Either way, Ore Monogatari is the best shoujo ever, except when it´s not. At its best it tops every non existent romance chart there is, but when it doesn´t make the bow to create impact it´s just sweet and cute and fluffy. Nothing more, nothing less.

So Ore Monogatari is kind of amazing, but there´s just not enough substance to honestly care about it. There´s no real conflict or drama, and that´s okay. It´s what Ore Monogari is, personally I´ll be anticipating the second coming of Nana, but I´ll also settle for a continuation of the unfinished manga.



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