Orange Gets Original Sequel Film Penned By Creator.


In order to stop illegal streaming websites from categorizing it as NTR, it’ll be a re-telling told from Suwa’s cucked perspective.

Depending on who you ask, Orange was either fantastic and insightful or a shitty adaptations from an otherwise good manga. One thing both parties can agree on is that it has one of the biggest cucks in recent anime history. (Un)fortunately, we’re getting a ’sequel’ film in November to rectify it.

As explained in the teaser which was shown after the finale of the series, which you can watch here, the cast will stay the same, but the story is written by the original author Ichigo Takano. More likely than not, this is the same story we’ll see in her two chapter sequel manga in October.

You know,  I was ready to rip Orange and this Orange film announcement a new one, but I’ll chill for a couple of seconds and re-consider. I, just like the majority, did not like Orange because of its awfully inconsistent animation which became terribly distracting.

Looking back on anime film sequel history, when they’re not blatant money grabbing re-caps, they’re always better animated. This is logical, but with the short space of time between the ending of the anime series, the film and the limited time in the cinemas, I think we should see it more as an OVA.

But that’s just me. Either way, it doesn’t matter, as long as they keep the animation consistent, fluid like they’ve shown they can clearly do and keep one animation director on board, it’ll probably be nice. It’s sad, really, how a show that openly talks about suicide and depression like Orange does gets buried under bad production plans and melodrama.

For the meantime, I’m neutral about this announcement. The tagline of the movie poster reads “Since that day, I’ve always wanted to show those two this future…” Any suggestions of what will await Suwa in his future?


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