Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji Episode 8 – Polyamorist Anonymous.

Well then.

The relationship between our two main characters is so boring and repetitive that the anime itself feels like it should introduce a new rival character in every other episode to push it forward, this time, it´s a polyamours bishie who so happens to be in their school.

– In the first half of this episode, our favourite 2D couple go on a date… sort of. Y´see, despite them having established their love for eachother (on a totally random note, friendly reminder) it all feels the exact same as before. Erika wants to go look at flowers, but homeboy Kyoya can´t make that sacrifice. In his defense, he suggests they watch a movie instead, but this time it´s Erika that disagrees. If these kids could just compromise and settle for walking around an average-looking park at day and watch a movie later, this uneccessary crying and stomping wouldn´t happen.

Anyways, the first half of this episode is maddening just like the 7 episodes before have been: Kyoya has a smug look on his face and Erika can´t do anything but yell ´Baka!´ every now and then. Fast forward the emotional manipulation and normal couple things being fucking weird, they come across some doofus with an army of girls around his arms, ´What an average looking girl for such a hot guy!´ they say.

´Why would he ever settle for her?´ they continue. Woah, talk about being a bitch. On a personal note, I wouldn´t go for a girl like Erika, either, but neither would I take all the shit that Kyoya puts out. They´re doing the world a favour by sticking with eachother, but looking at the other characters of this universe, maybe not.

Fast forward to the first day of school and we find out all our tomodachiis are together in the same class. Naturally, the mysterious looking polyamorist is in it, too. Hereafter, we are blessed with the pretty-boy showdown of the century as the black prince and polyamorist bark at eachother.

Personally, if a guy with such a horrendous looking earring blocked the door and ask me my name, I´d punch him in the gut. But hey, I´m not a character in this universe, therefore I have the bare minninum of common sense.

The coincidences don´t end here however as Erika and Polyamorist end up in some sort of student council. I don´t think it´s actually the student council, but one way or another, this is just an excuse for Erika and Polyamorist to end up alone in the class after school and this show trying to convince us that Kyoya gives a shit about her dog by presenting us this boring conversation that basically boils down to Polyamorist not understanding how a boy like Kyoya can settle for such an average girl like Erika. Yeah, Kyoya! Shut up and join the Polyamorist Anonymous!

The episode closes with Kyoya almost punching Polyamorist in the face over his woman, like a real macho man should. Anyway, this episode was bullshit, but somehow, I still enjoyed it.


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Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji Episode 8 - Polyamorist Anonymous., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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