One Year Of Cheap Candy, Coffee & Anime Blogging.

tumblr_n3hi4edroM1rhfo6fo8_250It was around this time last year where, after a long day of school and swimming, I decided to pick up my laptop (Which is now broken) and write about anime. Specifically, about Death Note and it´s second half that many people just can´t come to terms with.

This was written on a lonely Wordpad document and it kind of just stayed there on my desktop until I said, hey, why not make a blog about it?

And so, not exactly one year ago, Anime Nichijou, which, at first had the pretentious and silly name of Alexithemic Sleepwalkers was born. Please, I beg of you, don´t ask me about it.

In all honesty, I´m shocked and also happy about the fact that I managed to keep this blog alive for one entire year, that´s like, three hundred something days y´all.

I mean, I have had my fair share of blogging experience (specifically, an awful looking Winx Club blog when I was 9 and a painful excuse of an anime blog when I was 12) but this is the only one in which I have had some sort of success, plans, and most of all, fun in writing and updating for it. And that´s all because of the readers, the people that sometimes leave a comment, the ones that take time to like the post and sometimes, sometimes  someone will say that they like my blog!

It´s kind of surreal, but a good kind of surreal. Back in October, when I was thinking up on what kind of posts I should make (and decided that I wanted to be as cool as all the other animu blogs and make first impressions, except that the Fall season was already 3 weeks in so I made my Righteous Three Episode Rule Of Doom segment, which is a name I still regret to this day.) I didn´t expect that blog to hit the three zeros on a daily basis.

Still, today (okay, it´s probably not even today) marks the very first birthday of Anime Nichijou, a blog that lost all it´s followers when getting it´s own domain (and doubling that number in half the time), a blog where my writing has improved and yet has scarily remained the same, a blog which I have learned to care for, and, hopefully, this is just the first anniversary of many more anniversaries to come. Thank you, reader, for making this blog what it is.


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