One Punch Man Episode 1 Thoughts – The Best Reaction Images To Come Out Of Anime.

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I don´t know how they did it, but trust based Madhouse to do One Punch Man justice. If this doesn´t get the Shingeki no Kyojin fame I´ll be pissed. On another note, I laughed within the first three minutes and it was when the guy up there on this image pulled this face when I realized this is going to be worth every single drop of hype it got from, well, literally everyone who has read the manga. P.s; people who claim K Project has next-level animation, please take a seat, watch One Punch Man and realize you don´t need twenty-five different kinds of filters to make something look good.

Maybe I´m overreacting, but I just got really freakin´ excited over this episode for a handful of reason; the main reason was probably this lightning the fire under my love for animation, because holy shit, every single frame here looked like so much fun to animate, I´d do it for a dollar.

And that´s the big thing I took away from One Punch Man, episode 1 – it´s so obvious everyone involved treated this project with love and care and a passion that´s somewhat rare between the countless series that are just there to put some bread on the table; that´s not to say One Punch Man is reckless, because it´s not. One Punch Man has its fame and One Punch Man has its audience, this wonderful adaptation will only bring more people into the world of borderline parody and hilarious reaction gifs.

Earlier today I was recommending this show to a friend, and as I described its plot she asked me if it´s something like Samurai Flamenco, to which I had to ask myself, is it like Samurai Flamenco?

Both shows lowkey take the piss out of many genres – Samurai Flamenco more with live-action superhero tropes and One Punch Man so obviously more with shonen clichés and a big “I love you but screw you” to the endless episodes, underdog plotlines and villains too campy to ever really take seriously; it´s both a love letter and something meant to be thrown in the ring to point at and laugh at how ridiculous our favourite shows can really be.

I read a few chapters of the manga – I should probably pick it up again – but I have no real recollection of what´s gonna happen after this, but after seeing this episode which is easily the best premiere of the season so far (Along with Osumatsu-san, which I´ll get to in another post) I put my complete faith in Madhouse for the rest of the show and expect no less than this kind of quality henceforth, they do it with love.

Tl;dr – One Punch Man is the first show of the season to lock its spot in my Fall list and god damn, I won´t even be bitter if it´s the only consistently good series. Cheers.


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