Norn 9 & Code Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Anime Announced, Otome Fangirls Rejoice.

Call me when we get a full on threesome scene in an otome adaptation

Whereas to the rest of society these announcements are absolutely and thankfully irrelevant, otome fans must need a change of panties over the news – because from my limited otome game knowledge, both these titles are a pretty big deal. From the description alone though, I detect nothing remotely different apart from the many screenshots that look like a scene before a massive orgy occurs. But what would I know.

Code Realize Guardian of Rebirth has a bit of a Hakkenden deal going on, just with historical figures rather than samurai. The male Victoria Secret line up includes Frankenstein and Lupin, and tells the story of Cardia, who somehow ends up melting everything she touches – at some point she ends up escaping the city with the help of a thief. Things happen and the characters will seduce her one episode at a time. Probably. This was announced at the Otomate Party, which after doing a quick Google search and after clicking on some Youtube videos, looks absolutely fucking fabulous. Bless you, Japan, bless you.

As for Norn.9, which I assume is a straighter version of the BL anime No.6, was actually announced a year ago, but the staff was announced just today at the Otomate Party. The story is somewhat confusing, as you can chose between three female characters who come with her three respective romantic partners, there´s also a spaceship involved. Kinema Citrus is adapting it, making it their first otome adaptation, and Takao Abo is directing it, his previous works include random Macross episodes.

Obviously, otome anime aren´t really my thang, though Diabolik Lovers was a big source of amusement in its season, Amnesia was absolute shit and everything else apart from Utapri is so forgettable I don´t even remember. Utapri is alright though.


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Norn 9 & Code Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Anime Announced, Otome Fangirls Rejoice., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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