Noragami Is Anime Of The Season?

noragami-1We’re almost five weeks into the Winter anime season; And as is appropiate, people are throwing titles left and right and up n’ down, claiming which series deserves to be called the anime of the season; And from what I’ve seen, the top two contenders are Sakura Trick and Noragami.

Two very different shows, obviously; And while I can see just why Sakura Trick gets all the attention it gets (It being the comeback of the yuri genre and all), I’m a little bit confused over Noragami’s popularity, and can you really blame me?

Hey, you’d be wrong if you think I don’t like Noragami; It has the most lovable cast of the season, amazing OST and it does fanservice in a way so classy, I’m left a little bit dumbfounded (or mostly, atleast)

But does it get all the praise contrasting it with all the other shows this season, or is it the Noragami-magic I still don’t feel? Unless it’s the reasons I stated above, Noragami doesn’t present anything all that original. Call me shallow but I’ve been calling this the Kyoukai No Kanata of the season just because the atmosphere feels so similar in more ways than it should.

For me personally, Noragami has been going on and off for too long for a 12 episode show; Each episode feels like things are finally going to go down, but instead presents us the same formula over and over again (We get it, Yukine has a shitty past, we get it, Yato is a badass, we know.)

Heck, maybe I’m being unfair, and maybe I should be a little more patient.

On the other hand, episode 4 was amazing, episode 5? Not so much. Either Noragami decides on what path it’s going to take, (What’s up with anime being so indecisive lately?) or it shouldn’t try to get us all hot and heavy in the first place.

I’ll be anticipating the trainwreck of awesome manga-readers have been telling me about; But with it’s short 12-episode runtime, I won’t be surprised if it ends up on the road as “just another forgotten show.”


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