Noragami Aragoto´s Soundtrack Cancelled Due To Islamic Sound Samples.


In completely random and unexpected news, the Noragami Aragoto production committee has issued a statement apologizing for the sound samples used in the anime, and announced that they´ll cancel the soundtrack altogether and delay the the anime disc sets.

“At no point in the production process was it our intention to insult Islam or its followers, or to commit sacrilege, with this use of sound,” the statement read. “However, we had not confirmed the meaning of these sounds, and the result was a lack of consideration for Islam and its followers.”

The sample Taku Iwasaki used was an autotuned version of the Adhan, which is the islamic prayer call. In case you´re confused, I´m sure you´ve seen mosques using microphones to gather all the people for the mandatory prayer. That´s the Adhan.

Frankly, I´m not sure whether or not the production committee got complaints or whether they noticed this themselves, but I think it´s pretty cool of them to call back all the soundtrack copies and probably change the one in the anime – I´m by no means religious, but I get why people would be disheartened by this, especially when the anime itself has nothing to do with Islam, and it´s autotuned to top it off. So yeah, I´ m curious what the composer thinks of this.

What I´m more shocked about is the reaction of people saying this is essentially “censoring”, which is absolute bullshit, because at no point was the production team forced to apologize and change the soundtrack they did it all by themselves, because they wanted to. It´s just the ethical thing to do, and I´m sure no one would´ve cried blood if they didn´t change it, unlike some pressed internet dwellers moaning about how stupid religion is. Chill.


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