NoitaminA Is Still Alive; Science Fiction, Music and Terror.


While some argue that Noitamina is on a current loosing streak (Reasons being them picking up more of the otaku pandering shows rather than the unconventional experimental andor more accesible shows for people who aren’t neccesarily familiar with the medium they were previously notorious for) And even with the recent Samurai Flamenco and Psycho-Pass, people just won’t give them the time of day just yet.

While I think the noitaminA TV block is a tad bit overrated, I do admit that it spawned some amazing shows that suit as a breather from all the imoutos and tsunderes leading the anime pack (Paradise Kiss, Princess Jellyfish, Psycho Pass, Bunny Drop, Kids on the Slope and maybe Samurai Flamenco)

So with their tenth anniversary being yesterday (I think) they thought it was appropiate to announce a bunch of anime andor movies that will surely remind people that the infamous TV block does actually know the meaning of “unconventional.”

So the first announcement came in the form of a science fiction high-budget looking terrorist show directed by the one responsible for Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Kids on The Slope and ultimately Space Dandy… that’s right, Shinichiro Watanabe is on board and I think that maybe this will be his second show that I won’t completely disagree with.


Oh, I’m hype alright.

I mean yo, did you see that animation? did’cha? And maybe this is just me but I’m get seeerious Samurai Flamenco vibes from the creepy looking kid near the end and the nice-looking lady. Oh well. It’s slated for July and it’s gonna be awesome. Oh and it’s called Zankyo No Terror or Echo of Terror if that’s any indication.

Next up on the list is a show that I’m unsure of what to tag it as; Is it romance? Is it shoujo? I mean, it has big eyes and colourful backgrounds and sakura trees, so it’s gotta be shoujo right?

Oh wait, apparently the manga won an award or something… Oh, best shonen manga at the Kodansha manga awards? Really?

Well that some pretty looking animation right there man. Oh and the girl looks cute too.

Apparently the show is about a pianist who stops playing after his mother’s death, till one day he meets the carefree blondie who also plays the violin and stuff happens. How original. Not.

While I’m genuinely excited for this (Maybe ’cause it’s A1-pictures and the animation is amazing) I’m a little worried seeing that the director Takao Yoshioka has never really gone much further than tits and harem shows, but whatever. It’s supposed to air in October so that’s good I guess.

Finally we have a movie (or maybe two!) that are supposed to be science-fiction and tell the tale of an utopian universe…except that it’s not.

It’s written by a chap who wrote under the name “Project Itoh” who, unfortunately died in 2009 aged 34 but wrote two books of the series (conveniently translated into English) Harmony and Genocidal Organ.

And apart from that information nothing else has been announced; Not the studio, director, script writer, nothing. All I really know is that the narratorMain character has a sexy voice and that it’s supposed to air in 2015, so that’s good.

It’s good time to be an anime fan, alright.


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