New Fullmetal Panic Anime Project Announced.

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It has been announced at the Fatasia Bunko Thanksgiving Event that Fullmetal Panic is getting a new anime series – additional information like format, studio and date has not been confirmed.

So this actually happened. After a literal decade of a fading hope that was eventually deemed crashed and dead a few meters into the ground has somehow been uplifted from its grave. I´m sure some people somewhere are rejoicing, hell, even I´m both shocked and happy that this is happening even though I´m not the biggest Fullmetal Panic fan around on the internet. I´ve only seen Kyoani´s Fumoffu, after all.

Fullmetal Panic started out in 1998, got an anime adaptation in 2002, Fumoffu in 2003 and a second season in 2005 – all by courtesy of Gonzo (Gantz, Welcome to the NHK) and Fumoffu by Kyoani. I´m especially curious about who they´re gonna pick to adapt this new season or movie or sequel or spin-off, because I think Gonzo is pretty much off the map at this point in time, while Kyoani might be what the people want if they stick to the style of Fumoffu and not the overly fluffy and colourful aesthetic they´ve adopted since then, since then being 12 entire years. Man, I was in the second grade when this came out.

Personally, I think it´d be interesting if they pull a Shuka and just like Durararax2 a whole new production studio arises, putting their foot in the game with a well-known and well-loved title like Fullmetal Panic to debut with which, unlike Durarara, seems to have preserved most of its fans and interest. Moreover, it´s what its fans have been crying about ever since the Second Raid. S good for them, cheers.


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