Nat Wolff Cast As Light Yagami In Hollywood Death Note Film.

69It seems like the Warner´s take of the Death Note story isn´t dead and buried yet as it has just been announced that Nat Wolff will be playing Light Yagami – Wolff is best known for his role as Quentin in Paper Towns, Isaac in The Fault in Our Stars and as the little kid from The Naked Brothers if you want to be a hardass about it. 

Meanwhile, the director of You´re Next (an independant slasher film) has signed to direct it and Fantastic Four´s Jeremy Slater has penned the latest draft of the script production is slated to begin in Spring 2016.

Apart from Death Note slowly crawling out of production hell, I´m actually carefully optimistic I sure as hell am not expecting it to be the iconic cat–and–mouse game we all know and love, but the director seems pretty big on independant thriller movies, even though I personally think they´re garbage, he´ll at least know how to rope in the general public, most of who will be completely oblivious to its source material.

As for Nat Wolff, he has the brooding Yagami look and people who judge him for the roles he got when he was 12 really need to sit down and look at the picture on the right.

Long story short, I think Death Note will be just another Hollywood fest of random explosions, guns, awkward localizations and a completely watered down version of the originial concept for the sake of the western audience that will watch it for the action rather than us anime people. It´s just the way it is and it sure as hell won´t change, so we might as well get used to it and lower our adaptation standards to at least enjoy the fact Hollywood is taking an interest in stories of our dear medium.


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