Nanbaka Episode 1 – We Get It, You Like Anime.


Nanbaka, directed by Gintama’s Shinki Takamatsu, is actually a social commentary on prisoner treatment around the world.

Except it’s not.

The gist is if you like Gintama, Daily Lives of Highschool Boys, the first episode of Osumatsu san and Binan Koukou Magical Boys High, you’ll like this. Which is to say, it’s anime humour, for anime fans, propped with nods and elbows towards the community. Because haha, fujoshi amirite?

I’m right. The episode is pretty funny – that’s my input on it. You should know what you’re getting into when you’re watching a show with Takamatsu’s name attached to it. Frankly the (un)intentionally best part of the episode for me is the campy character designs putting Jojo to shame. That’s another reference for ya’.

By which I mean that the characters look like the anime fanart I drew back in middleschool.

Yeah. The episode is pretty funny. I’ve said that before, but I’m not exactly passionate about it. I laughed a couple of times, pointed back at the show like ’I get it, I like anime too.’

Which brings me to the problem this show has. The entire episode is like that, and then in the final minutes we see some type of plot shaping up and frankly, they can keep it. Takamatsu can do story, he can do story well and anyone who watched Gintama can attest to that, but this twelve episode show which has Skittles for characters does not need it. Moreover, the story seems typical as shit – whether this is going to twist and become satire has yet to be seen, but so far they have not done anything make it seem that way.

I guess Nanbaka was alright.

Ps: There are crocodiles in the amazon prison.


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