My (Un)Surprising Summer 2014 Anime Ranking.


The Summer season taught me that not all gay boys are gay, that not all terrorists are terrorists, that not all cannibals are cannibals and that not all horrible shoujo are horrible shoujo. The last one was a joke. Ao Haru Ride still sucks.

The Summer Holy Trinity.

1. Free! Eternal Summer.


I may just have lost all bloggers credibility by putting this on first place. I´m also kidding myself a bit here ,I mean, Free! Eternal Summer had some golden moments where I could actually say yes, this is a genuinely good show. But unfortunately it spent too much time on pointless bullshit in the beginning to really leave an impact with the latter, greater episodes. So yes, I am biased, don´t give a fuck, Free! will forever be number one in my doki-doki-kokoro.

Update: I just saw the last episode. carve the words ´For The Future´ on my grave and bury me with Future Fish.

2. Zankyo No Terror.


Don´t talk to me I´m still reconsidering everything ever after that ending.

3. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun


Who expected this to hit as hard as it did? Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun was the total darkhorse of the season, and am I glad that it didn´t go unnoticed. Taking the piss out of shoujo tropes with lovable, pretty people is right up my alley, dudes. If there were an end-year poll to vote for the best comedy anime of the year 2014, I´d be mad if Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and D-frag ended up right on top.

Highlights Of The Season.

4. Kuroshitsuji Book Of Murder


I have a difficult relationship with Kuroshitsuji, y´know. I mean, the first two seasons were great in my anime-noob mind, but now that I have seen the good stuff, read the manga and rewatched the A1 version of the beautifully illustrated source material – it felt lackluster, and I felt extremely dissapointed. I never actually expected for them to ´adapt´ any more of it, to be honest, but yet it somehow happened and man, am I glad it did. Kuroshitsuji Book Of Circus follows the actual manga and it is amazing. No, seriously, it´s friggin´ amazing. I cried, I laughed, I loved it. Book of Murder hype leggo!


5. Tokyo Ghoul


If anyone complains about Tokyo Ghoul being this low on the list – I will fight you. Mostly because being in the top 5 is great, but also because I don´t think that Tokyo Ghoul is all that. I loved some moments, felt indifferent to others. Tokyo Ghoul was a messy dish of my favourite meat and least favourite vegetables. Regardless, the good kinda sorta overpowered the bad, and I´d still recommend this to anyone.


6. Haikyuu!!


It has been a ride. An unfinished, adrenaline pumped and enjoyable ride. While Haikyuu is almost obviously getting a second (maybe third?) season, the first season was great on it´s own. Haikyuu! is pretty boy sports anime at it´s best, Haikyuu is fun, and when the fated day of the second season comes around, I´ll be on the edge of my seat watching it week after week with a grinn on my face, again.

7. Love Stage!!


I don´t even know why the one respectable yaoi series is this low on my list. Goes to show the overall quality of the season, eh? Anyways, Love Stage was great, but like everything nowdays, it´s also unfinished. As a manga reader, I can confirm that things get a lot juicier right after the anime ends, and I´m not even talking about the delicious sub-plot involving the brother and the manager.



If you expected a typical story of a city dude changing his life in a touching way after moving to the country side. You´re right. But you´re also kind of wrong. Because Barakamon took me and exactly everyone else on ride with it´s energetic fast-paced humor that you just wouldn´t expect from a show with little girls that´s also done by loli-ambassador Kinema Citrus. This show. It`s good.



This shouldn´t arouse me.
This turns me on more than it should.

Urobuchi does it again. Kind of. Aldnoah.Zero isn´t bad per se, it´s a bit boring at times, but somehow it entertained me and somehow I´m still happy with this show´s existence. The ending of the first cour was pretty great, too. I mean, dem gunshots, yo.


Shows That Deserve A Mention:




I´m gonna be real: Mongatari is a pain in the ass when it tries to plot. This is the reason why I didn´t like the ´Second Season´ as much as Bake and Nisemonogatari, unfortunately, seeing that all 5 episodes of this arc aired one after another, there´s obviously some sort of story in it. Thankfully our favourite generic anime lesbian and the weird stylization made up for it, and I still marathoned it all. So yeah, Monogatari is still going strong, amd SHAFT better know it.

11.Bakumatsu Rock


Alright, I was entertained. The campy adventures of wannabe rockers whose shirts rip off over their passionateuuu rockuuuuu is not something you see everyday. Unfortunately with Bakumatsu Rock, I saw it every week. It had it´s moments, but the boring shit overpowered the hilariously out of place CGI and generic rock songs. Still.


Hall Of Shame:



The writer of Hamatora needs to go back to the basics and learn how to hold a fucking tone. The ending was lame. This show has no balls. The characters are nothing but archytypes and the animation, albeit sligthly better than the first season, was still nothing noteworthy. Hamatora, you had your chance, now bugger off.

13.Ao Haru Ride


 This hurts me deep in the kokoro. In my Summer season post I predicted this to be one of my favourites – Because I read the manga, and loved the manga a lot – except that it isn´t. In fact, I really despise the obnoxiousness of the thing. Romance doesn´t work like this. Highschool kids don´t think this way. Why did this work so well in black and white and not in motion?

14.DRAMAtical Murder

gurl are u google

Albeit hilarious in some way, DRAMAtical Murder still managed to kill off my want to play the sequel to it´s game. Thanks for that, NAZ.

15.Mahouka Koukou No Rettosei


 Dropped: Shonen Hollywood, Space Dandy, Captain Earth, Himegoto, Tokyo ESP, Mahouka too actually but fuck it.


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