My ‘Top’ 7 Worst Romances In Anime.

Shoujo: The genre where the male’s eyes conveniently dissapear as they’re about to kiss. No. Really. Always.

Why do we like romance? Is it the fantasy of it all? The few minutes of living an affair that’s unthinkable in your day to day life? The sex-filled escapades or the adorable memories of first love? Maybe it’s the relatable characters, or the unrealistic but desirable love interest?

No matter where you go: Anime, movies, TV series, music, books and even games, romance and especially sex is always present, be it with vampires, the undead or some cliché highschool fanfic of your favourite band starring you.

It’s fantasy, and in fantasy everything should be allowed, morally correct or not. And so, here I have a list of the ‘top’ 7 worst, unhealthy and toxic romances in anime that I have seen. Got that? Good.  Here goes.


7, 6 and 5.  Sword Art Online, School Days & Mirai Nikki.

This could be us but you playin'
This could be us but you playin’

Let’s get the big ones out of the way, shall we?

These shows are so full of shit, I don’t hate myself nearly enough to write about them individually. You know it, I know it, it’s juvenile ‘love’ between two walking stereotypes simply guessing what love might be and, boy, can I guarantee that it’s not along the lines of ‘I’ll pretend that I hate her because I actually like her!!1!” or all the other cheap-ass lines you used to say in school. Yes, these shows are a pain in the ass when it comes to romance, but they’re not offensive or controversial enough for me to rant about them. Sorry dudes, you’re just not worth the spotlight for once. Also before y’all bitch about how ‘these aren’t romance anime!1!’, they are. Romance plays a big part in these shows even if  it’s not the main genre.

4. Special A

Standard shoujo heroine pose exhibit A.
Standard shoujo heroine pose exhibit A.

Firt of all: What a stupid name. Secondly: There’s nothing special about this.

No, really, this is just another girl-chases-after-school-idol-haha-lolol-I-ship-it shoujo anime about some dunce that has to do everything with some God damn boy in her mind. Do well on exams? Just to beat love-interest. Be the best at sports? Only because of senpai of course. Pride? Oh please, this is shoujo after all!

Honestly, the relationship between these characters are so awkward, dishonest and immature it felt painful just to sit through it. Also, apparently the requsites for being a standard shoujo heroine are: Having long hair, have bugs for eyes, be poor, suck at everything you do and have a dead mother.

3. Junjou Romantica

So romantic, right?

Hey, it’s still romance.

‘Aight, chances are that, if you’ve seen this show you’ll be raising your eyebrows at the screen and ready to hear my excuse. Don’t worry, you’re getting it.

I don’t have a problem with Junjou Romantica per se, hell, I seriously enjoyed both seasons and got all giggly and blushing to boot. So what’s my deal? The relationship between Usagi and Misaki. That’s my deal. While watching it I didn’t really notice but, God damn, did Misaki ever really give consent to Usagi sticking his hands down his pants?

I know it’s fantasy, just like all the other shows on the list, I also believe there are no rules in fiction and that you can enjoy whatever the fuck you want as long as you don”t start applying these things to real life and, with that said, if Usagi and Misaki were a real life couple I would terribly concerned ’cause man, their relationship isn’t very healthy.

Let’s reflect, what if everything were exactly the same except that Misaki is actually a girl? Think about it for a second. Think about the sex without consent, the wall-pining, the humiliation and even look at the screenshot above. Not so romantic or yummy anymore, huh?

2. Amnesia


Aaaaand here comes the rant. I am actually making a completely separate article on this utter disgrace of an anime.

Look, this shit was made in 2008. 2008. That was no more than 6 years ago. I might have forgiven this if it was made in the fuckin’ 80’s but no, and for some God forsaken reason there are people that think this is ‘romantic‘ or ‘cute’ or ‘good’ or ‘well-written.’

I hate being so agressive, but if you have seen Itazura Na Kiss and honestly 100% think that this is what  a good and healthy relationship looks like, you need some serious help ’cause Jesus can’t save you now.

I don’t think there’s something inherently wrong with wanting to impress your love-interest or even being satisfied with being a housewife and submit yourself to your man but there’s a damn limit, and Itazura has grabbed our starry-eyed shoujo and has showed her every corner of it.

Honestly, Kotoko has so little respect to herself it’s kind of amazing. So what if Irie, our ‘talented’, ‘smart’, ‘rich’ and ‘hot’ Irie were actually an average looking chap who’s just really smart. What if this new Irie were constantly embarassing you, pushing you around, rejects you one too many times and can’t leave the day without calling you a dumbass atleast once. What then?

There’s even an episode where Kotoko has to ask permission to go out with her friends! 2008, people! two thousand fucking eight!

This, the ridiculous pacing (So they got married without even properly saying they love eachother. They fucked without having a genuine, normal kiss.)  and the toxic characters just make me believe that this should be a perfect example of what relationships shouldn’t be. Whatever man whatever.


And thus I conclude my list of the worst romances I have had the displeasure of watching. Anime really is not the right medium for this type of thing, but that’s not to say they can’t do it. Nana has done it. Paradise Kiss has done it. Nodame Cantibale has done it, Clannad has kinda sorta done it. Hell, even if you’re looking for shoujo Kaichou Wa Maid Sama, Peach Girl, My Little Monster and Lovely Complex have done it so much better than these other shows.

Whatever. Thank you for reading. Cheers.


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  1. Errr, many of these aren’t “romance anime”, but anime in which you hate the romantic aspect. Mirai Nikki, for instance, is anime with romance in it, but it’s not “romance anime”…

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    • I changed the title, sorry for that I guess.

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  2. I understand with what you said about Junjou romantica, but Special A did have something going. Also you said the girl (forgot her name) sucked at everything, but she didn’t. She was second place in everything. (Grades, athletics, etc. Only thing she sucked at was cooking.) Saying she sucked and chased the school idol around makes me think you didn’t pay attention to the anime at all. Let’s get some things straightened out. She was constantly trying to beat him at everything because he would constantly put her down, and she made it into a competition. In the show it’s clear that he has feelings for her, but doesn’t tell her because she may reject him, get the wrong idea, or avoid him. The only reason she doesn’t tell him is because someone said the first one to fall is the one that loses, and of course her not wanting to lose makes it hard for her to tell him how she really feels. Anyways I think it was your misunderstanding of the whole show that got in the way of you enjoying it. Sorry you weren’t able to, but on another note I completely agree with Itazura na kiss. I could never understand how anyone could call that romantic. He constantly pushes her around and then pulls her back when she’s finally getting a clue that she should just get up and run for it! He’s nothing but a possessive bastard who can’t stand when his “things” are taken away from him and will do whatever crap to make sure that doesn’t happen and with how dumb that girl is she falls for it every damn time! Yeah I get it she loves guy but come on woman enough is enough! I really wished she got the nerve to just dump him, but no. It’s why I never finished the series and never will.

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