My Top 7 Summer 2014 Anime Openings & Endings


We’re no less than six weeks into the Summer season, which means that most shows are on their second half before their spectacular (or not) finale: In a season that’s both exceeding expecations (Zankyo, Barakamon, Nozaki-kun) and failing expectations (Sailor Moon, Free Eternal Summer) we’re also thrown in a pit of awfully mediocre openings to get us hyped and awfully forgettable endings to get us emotinal.

Thankfully however, there are a few openings and endings (Although mostly openings) that are just as great as the season itself, here goes:

7.DRAMAtical Murder Opening

I have no good excuse for liking this. The visuals are terrible, the lip-syncing laughable and the song itself is something that comes straight out of some eccentric gay bar. Still, I like it and I feel that it representes the clusterfuck that is the anime itself.

6. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Opening

I like the colours. That is all.

5.Free! Eternal Summer Opening

Like the series itself, this opening is very underwhelming in comparison to the past season, but the last 30 seconds and the angry-bishonen-looking-sexy scenes make it worth it. Kind of.

 4. Free! Eternal Summer Ending

(Insert video here)

Seeing that every single video of this crap has been put down because of copyright, I’ll just leave it like that.

Future Fish is fun, the video is fun, but again, it just doesn’t measure up to the first season. I honestly think Kyoani should have taken their sweet time to deliver something greater than Eternal Summer. Well, things can still change, I guess.

3. Zankyo No Terror Opening

Despite it being in third place, I do honestly think that Zankyo No Terror has the best OST of the entire year, even if it’s just for that bike scene in episode 4 alone, which gave me goosebumps. And a lot of feels. It also reminded me of the book ‘Perks Of Being A Wallflower’ for some reason. Still.

2. Tokyo Ghoul Opening

The lyrics are a bit too emo-kid-crying-in-the-bedroom for me, but the song itself and especially the visuals are gorgeous and all in all it’s definitely the best opening of the season if it weren’t for the next one.

1. Kuroshitsuji Book Of Circus Opening

Kuroshitsuji openings and endings have always been amazing to me, so naturally this coming first place shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone really.


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