My Top 6 Summer 2015 Anime Openings & Endings.


Coincidentally, in a season where I´m literally enjoying every single show I´m watching (and I couldn´t count them with both my hands) there really are just a handful of openings and endings that stand out. But the number one on this list might also be my favourite anime opening of all time, because I´ve had it on repeat for the past month and I still start yelling with it everytime it comes on. I don´t think my neighbours appreciate it.

6. Charlotte Opening

Key openings are all quite similar, and mostly you just don´t appreciate them until the show ends and you´re hit with some intense feelings when you hear it again. Which is probably why I´m too fond on this song just yet – it definitely has the good ol´ Key feel to it, by which I mean it´s emotional pop. It´s good.

5. A World Where The Concept Of Dirty Jokes Doesn´t Exist Ending

Now this I´m a fan of. Not of the song. Or the video. But the fantastic dance move at 0:20, this moment defines the entire anime for me and I have no sense of humor so I laugh at it everytime and then turn it off. Don´t ask me why and please don´t roast my sorry ass for having terrible reasons, I just think that moment is fantastic.

4. Ushio to Tora opening

Why do people put an intro to an opening they themselves didn´t create? are these the same people posting their own Minecraft videos on youtube? One way or another, this opening is the kind of song you listen to when you´re home alone and play your imaginary guitar infront of the mirror. Then you reconsider your life and go back on the computer after grabbing a snack.

3. Gangsta Opening

This song is a royal mess, I love every second of it. If electro with pop punk vocals is what you want and get hard on figuring out the imagery of an opening, I´m sure you´ll love this. At least I don´t skip it and thank god I´m not sensitive to flashing lights and colours.

2. Durarara!!xTen Opening

For some reason this opening has been getting a lot of shit. I don´t know why it gets a lot of shit, because frankly I think it´s the shit. Durarara has never dissapointed me ever, man, be it in the storytelling or music used, this is the kind of song I´d listen to casually even if it weren´t for an anime. I´m pretty confident in my taste in music, this is coming from someone who has a Tumblr dedicated to Kpop.

1. Game of Laplace Opening

Would y´all judge me if I say I only keep up with this anime because of its opening? It honestly has some of the best lyrics I´ve seen in a while, the mix of live action footage and animation is stunning, the fact that this video is pitched hurts my soul, because the raspy voice of the vocals do things to me. It sounds like a Russian rock band. I like Russian rock bands. This song is amazing and the most hype of the entire year.


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My Top 6 Summer 2015 Anime Openings & Endings., 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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