My Top 6 Spring 2015 Anime Openings & Endings.


You know, looking for anime openings and endings on Youtube is a seriously frustrating, first-world problem kind of task. If it´s not incredibly copyrighthed or incredibly low quality, the pitch is changed to hell and back – if that´s not the case, then the opening you so desperately want to see or hear is not there in the first place, and in the rare case that it is, it´s almost guaranteed to be deleted from the entire website two weeks later. Normally I start these posts with some pretentious woo-ah, but fuck it, if only the anime piracy rules were as strict, maybe they could afford to keep a song or two on Youtube.

7. Punchline! Opening 1

If openings are meant to be an appetizer for the main course, Punchline! does a damn good job at being clumsy, perverted, energetic and incredibly anime. It´s a fun opening with cats. That´s all you really need for a decent opening.

6. Hibike Euphonium! Ending 1

I love Hibike Euphonium. It´s one of the more depressing Kyoani works, Key-collabs aside. They seemed to have learned a thing or two from their Free! experience = pull a few heartstrings with coming-of-age drama and all kinds of love. Anyways. This ending is a funky version of the K-on endings. It´s cute as heck.

5. Yamada kun & The Seven Witches Opening 1

Probably in my top three of the entire season, LIDEN FILMS surprises everyone with a strangely stylish opening which sounds boring, but looks pretty damn great. I also have this on my list because I think more people should watch this show. It´s not a harem and there are a lot of kisses. Please watch.

4. Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 2nd Opening

I´ll admit I haven´t started the second part of Unlimted Blade Works yet, I feel like I´ll enjoy it more if I marathon it. Anyways, it looks beautiful, which is exactly why you´re watching this show to begin with, so no surprise there.

3. The Uta No Prince Sama 3000% Love! opening which is amazing but also nowhere on Youtube so I´m sorry y´all should see the anime.

Kpop and jumping off of very high things make for a fantastic combo. I love this show.

Owari no Seraph opening 1

Few anime songs actually make me want to listen to it outside of that anime. Death Note is one show. Nana is another. Owari no Seraph is joining the crowd. Best opening of the season, by far.

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