My Top 6 Anime Shorts.


I feel like nowadays anime shorts are becoming a lot more prominent, relevant and gain a lot more attention than they would have in previous years. Personally, I blame this on Hetalia and the absolutely insane fandom it got and still has (It´s 2015 y´all let´s move on) and while I was a bit too old for Hetalia to become my embarassing tween fandom, there´s no denying that there´s something satisfying in enjoying five to fifteen minute long shows. They´re short, they´re sweet and do what they have to do. I like short anime, so here I´ve compiled a handful of my personal favourites and why I think people should give them a chance. Warning: the list is as generic as they come.

6. Mangaka san to Assistant san


Mangaka san to Assistant san is a fun little show with ecchi antics, office style. The thing is, I really don´t mind ecchi as long as it doesn´t try to be deep and as long as it doesn´t make me feel like I´m wasting my life on cartoons boobies. This is why short smut works, because the punchlines hit fast and it doesn´t last long enough to feel bad about yourself. Mangaka san is, again, total guilty pleasure material.

5. Hetalia


Half of you will stop reading now and trash me for being BL loving trash. I am definitely BL loving trash, but trust me, I hate the vicious Hetalia fandom as much as you do. Invading your local anime conventions, the countless doujin of America taking it up the butt for England and your sad friend referencing the show every chance she gets aside, Hetalia is a pretty funny show with a good energy that´s actually kind of really funny. Then again, I haven´t seen anything related to it since two years ago so maybe it ain´t that good after all. Let me know.

4. Okusama ga Seito Kaichou


On going and as trashy as they come, Seito Kaichou has me rolling on the floor every damn episode. It´s definitely not the anime you want to watch with your mom, because that would be a bit awkward. I don´t think your mom would appreciate vibrators caressing 2D nipples. Much less if they´re highschoolers. In fact don´t be surprised if you get kicked out of your house. Seito Kaichou is trashy and one hundred percent guilty pleasure material, this is coming from someone who avoids ecchi like the plague.

3. Detroit Metal City


Detroit Metal City is problematic, I´m sure Tumblr would hate this anime, faux feminists would hate this anime, metal fans would be disgusted by this anime, fuckboys would love this anime and the cynical anime watcher will raise his or her eyebrows at the clusterfuck unfolding infront of them. But sometimes you need your uncensored rape jokes and middle fingers, Detroit Metal City is a rarity in anime, and to be honest, I don´t hate it, I appreciate it for what it is. You might enjoy it, fuckboy.

2. Plastic Nee san


Plastic nee san is the Haruhi Suzumiya of anime shorts. I have no basis for saying this, but´s pretty much on the top bracket of the most popular shorts, most notably for the hip thrusting scene in episode 8, and a little less for everything else. It´s what Daily Lives Of Highschool Boys and Nichijou is but in less than three minutes per episode and with girls, it´s kind of amazing.

1. Cromartie Highschool


Cromartie Highschool is a cult classic. It´s the anime form of shit posting and it´s fucking excellent. If you´re looking for macho comedy that references western pop culture and is absolutely and utterly dumb (but hilarious) than Cromartie Highschool is the anime for you, even though it´s a little longer than all the othe anime on this list.


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