My Top 5 Winter 2015 Anime Openings & Endings.


Honestly, Binan Koukou is best when they play the gay card, unfortunately that´s usually not the case. But hey, we´re not here to discuss Binan, we´re here to talk about the opening songs of cartoons in a language we don´t understand.

5. Kamisama Hajimemashita Season 2 Opening.

In reality there´s nothing especially special about this opening – at all – but the song reminds me of that one catchy Butterfly DDR song, so I feel obligated to put this up here anyways. No, I´m not following the second season for some reason, but I´ll get to it sooner or later.

4. Ansatsuu Kyoushitsu – AssClass- Opening.

I hate to love this, but for some reason this opening finds me bumpin´ in my bed every single time. As for the series itself, I really, really like it, there´s just something about an octopuss like alien creature who destroyed half of the moon and is about to destroy our planet who also teaches a class of outcasts a few important morals of life which just tugs on my heartstrings, I don´t know, man, but I can live with the shitty CGI dance for once.

3. Death Parade Opening.

Ah boy, now we´re talking. I knew it. I friggin´ knew it. This opening is not misleading at all, in fact, I´d say it´s the most appropiate opening of the entire season, because Death Parade isn´t all misfortune and tragedy, it takes things lightly sometimes, and I absolutely love it for that; it shows us real different personalities and tones, and therefore this funky opening just works. Cheers, Madhouse, cheers.

2. Yuri Kuma Arashi Opening.

There is nothing I don´t love about this opening. The song itself, the shameless delicious fanservice, even the friggin´ bears. One way or another, I wish the show itself had the sensuality of its opening, because I just can´t get enough of it.

1. Durararax2 Shou Opening.

Unfair? maybe. I love Durarara!!, and I love rock songs like these, I just love the way this opening is made and, fuck, I´m biased. One way or another, Durarara!! is once again the MVP of the season opening-wise and almost most definitely story wise. Woo.


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My Top 5 Winter 2015 Anime Openings & Endings., 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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