My 7 Most Anticipated Summer Anime.

Free! being me and stalking around on Crunchyroll and the other stalkable ani-blogs, I’m curious and a bit apalled about the fact that Sword Art Online II and Aldnoah.Zero is getting all the hype.

Well, maybe not. Seeing that the former is responsible for the WW2 of the anime community and the latter has the name Ei Aoiki and Gen Urubuchi tagged on it, which is really the only reason people give a crap about the Buddy Complex look-a-like of a show which I suspect will be horribad, who am I to say?

Anyway and anyhow, I felt compelled to give my own 50 cents on the topic, and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do, here goes:


7. Tokyo Ghoul

79  Admittedly, I have never heard of this manga up until a few weeks ago. And even now, after going through the process of googling it all I understand is that there is a city and something is devouring the people of this city, this something is known as “Ghouls.”

I also learned that the cast is a bunch of fashionable supermodels that look like they  came straight out of a Vogue photoshoot and 98% of the pictures I’ve found is with  this gorgeous guy on the left. Apparently he is not the main character. The actual main character is a short-haired naive loser who probably screams alot.

Now, judging from the plot this has the chance to be a great, character-driven horror story or a pseudo-grimmdark series written by five tired men one evening with their dick  whipped out. See Black Bullet.

Furthermore, I’m also anticipating the flack this is gonna get when compared to the other gorehorror candidate, Akame Ga Kill, which I’m looking forward to for all the wrong reasons.


6. Sailor Moon Crystal

Otherwise known as “How hard can we beat this cash-cow until it goes extinct?”, I feel like the studio at hand needs a bit of change so they used the 10 year anniversary as a valuable excuse. Whatever flies I guess.

Apart from the obvious collective  nostalgia boner the entire community is gonna get, I’m interested to see what they’re going to do with the franchise and if it’s going to be high-budget or not. Also, for one reason or another, I feel like it’s gonna fail.

Maybe it’s ’cause I just really don’t like the original manga, I mean, fuck, have you seen that dialogue?.

5. Zankyo No Terror

So the only Watanabe show I 100% enjoyed is also his only show that isn’t episodic, so naturally I’m ecstatic for this all original show. I don’t know why but the trailer reminded me of a mix between Samurai Flamenco, Aku No Hana and Eden Of East. Take that as you will.

4. Ao Haru Ride

63I’ve written about this series in my manga recommendations, but I’ll repeat all my critique.

Ao Haru Ride is the single most cliché shoujo rom-com you are gonna find. It’s silly, touché, dramatic and it goes exactly as you expect it to go. This is not a bad thing.

Ao Haru Ride or Blue Spring Ride is actually one of my favourite shoujos and I’m not even sure why. I mean, love-triangles, tragic love-interest, group of misfits bonding over stupid things and unecessary drama: All this actually works in Ride’s favour somehow. This or I’m just making excuses for me liking ridiculous romances.

It’s also done by Production I.G which is always a good thing. Always when it’s not Break Blade.


 3. DRAMAtical Murder

Hopefully this will not be the mistake that was Togainu No Chi and hopefully it will actually be good. Naturally they’re taking away most if not all gory-sex scenes which is unfortunate seeing that for me personally, all the good this story has to offer deserves to be censored: Y’know, limbs flying, intercourse with a dead robot, intercourse with dogs, getting banned to hell to only feel pain, getting your head chopped off. All that great stuff that you and I are never going to see animated.

Still, I’m curious to see how this will turn out, but I don’t have high hopes and frankly, I’d be a bit pissed if they screw up my all time favourite VN. PS: Noiz is best man.

2. Kuroshitsuji: Book Of Circus

Everything you didn’t like in season one and two is not here anymore. Everything will be fixed, we’re following the manga, I know this is going to be good. Pretty boy snakes, tragedy, misleading relationships, Sebastian. Oh man, we’re in for one hell of a ride.


Are you even surprised.





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