My 7 Most Anticipated Spring 2016 Anime – Attack On Trigger And The Bus Of Gays.

My life is a comedy and this post is way too late because half these shows already debuted and, to no ones surprise, half of them are also shit. I´ll stay pressed.



Studios helming their own original projects, especially when they market is as something “different” and in this case, use crowd-funding more in a way to gather interest than gathering money, make me a little nervous. Because each project that goes by unsuccessfully is one more opportunity for the scene to get more experimental belost. I´m talking about the Aku no Hana´s and even the safer Erased´s. In this case, we have Dogakobo, with the anime “Mayoiga”, which from its first episode gives me the vibes of a poundshop Shinsekai Yori, with Assassination Classroom aesthetics, and a Durarara meets Another kind of flavour.

It´s not a bad picture. It´s just a total cartoony one. Which could work, and which could also be the impending death sentence of this anime that may or may not fall headfirst into the swimming pool of clichés and edgefest murders and conclusions and character motivations. Much less likely it will explore each character stereotype.

Whatever it is, seeing something that at least seems to challenge the norm is always something worth a shot, personally, because it´s the success or failure of shows like these that will dictate the course of anime in the future. As of now, I´m cautiously optimistic.

Joker Game.

2Speaking of anime I´m cautiously looking forward to, Joker Game might give people a much better feeling than the previous one if just for the familiar cushion it sleeps on – Production I.G knows how to strut their stuff, and they definitely have their own style. Honestly, I think people sleep on Production I.G way to much, period, and would put them around where Madhouse is on the “Alpha Anime Studio” list.

Anywho and anyhow, if I had to give Production I.G a colour, it would be brown. Because their shows always seem to have a classic feel to them, with detectives in suits and characters as long as they aren´t doing shows about pretty boys playing with their balls. I love shows about pretty boys playing with their balls, though, and if the amount of ball-touching directly correolates to their sales that will then fund more shows like these, I´m totally on board. Anways, it looks different from the usual, which is why it´s on this list.



I love drama, controversy and huge shows everyone has split opinions on. Luckily for my tea-drinking ass, there is almost always at least one show per season that turns the comment section in a battlefield for people who don´t leave the house a lot. Last season it was Erased, this season has Shingeki no Kyojin – Zombie Version, and this one, created by the instigators of anime drama themselves, studio TRIGGER, notorious for bullshitting everyone at all possible times, not once, twice, but three times in their short time of being around after Gainax put up a rule that didn´t let the animators smoke marijuana at the studio. Probably.

I liked Kill la Kill, and frankly I don´t give a fuck about anything else they´ve done. Kiznaiver looks like Vocaloid and Trigger had a one night stand and Hiroyuki Imaishi didn´t have money for the pill, so he gave the child to Ootsuka Masahiko instead, since they´re basically brothers, anyway.

Whether it will provide praise or blood, I´m glad TRIGGER hasn´t lost their colour, because anime would be a lot more boring without red.

Super Lovers.


Being the Degenerate© that I am, I look forward to this, and I want to ask you all to not report my sorry ass to the police for it. Listen, listen, listen – yaoi is never done right. The closest thing to a self respecting yaoi show that`s less about rape and more about mutual consent and romance might be Dookyusei, for which I´m still patiently waiting for whether or not it will actually deliver. However, most people who read yaoi are still self-loathing trash, and the anime bar is set so low that we´ll pretty much take anything thrown at us.

So this is not going to be good. In fact, it´s gonna be disgustingly awful, but I still somewhat anticipate it, for some reason, just to see what kind of wreck it will be, and see how much more they´re going to tarnish the genre which really does have plenty of self-respecting titles. Why always go for the creepy ones? I´ve read a few chapters of the manga a few years ago, and coming from someone who has read some shit, saying that it made me uncomfortable should speak for itself. Anyways, stay trashy.


Kabaneri Of the Iron Fortress.

As for why WIT thinks it´s a good idea to release a Shingeki replica a season before the actual Shingeki continues is beyond me – all I know is that, if this were to crash headfirst into the ground and die it´ll be the biggest, littest, greatest trainwreck of all anime time.

This smells like money and bravado, and I hope to Jesus for them that people will actually care, but I really wouldn´t be surprised if they didn´t. Personally and talking for everyone I know who´s gonna watch it, we´re just doing it because it´s almost an obligation. Anyways, make it or break it.

Bungou Stray Dogs


I hate to be that guy, but I look so much more forward to this one than any  Boku no Hero Academia could ever. Being the late bitch I am I actually watched  the latter, and I know it doesn´t have anything to do with One Punch Man, but I just felt like I was watching a discount One Punch Man stripped off its amazing animation. Academia´s aesthetics just looked uu-gleh. Either way, I watched it stressed out and under exams, so I might´ve misjudged a bit. Maybe not.

Whatever it is, this looks lit and I´m sure the same folk who died twice over Noragami and  Gangsta will appreciate this. Personally I just look forward to it because a) it looks different to the usual and b) it has pretty boys shooting things.


Sakamoto Desu Ga

6 Not 2 b lame but I read the manga hundred thousand years ago and it was pretty lit and even though I´m a passionate DEEN defender, I really couldn´t help frowning when I read that they were going to adapt this. This could´ve been the hit of the season, but will now probably slip right under the radar or at least not be as good as it could have been. In any case, as long as they deliver the comedy reasonably well, this is going to be fun.

This post took me too long to write and half these shows already came out. As expected, Super Lovers is shit. Sorry.


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My 7 Most Anticipated Spring 2016 Anime - Attack On Trigger And The Bus Of Gays., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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