My 7 Most Anticipated Spring 2015 Anime.


Usually, the spring season is my favourite season of the year, I don´t know why, and maybe it´s just an emotional thing because Spring also means sunny days and the school year coming to a close, but there´s just something about the mix of shirtless tourists, final exams and cartoons which makes me happy. Anyways, for the Spring season of the ´015, we meet a lot of exciting comebacks and a whole lotta´ unconventional romance.

2741. Ore Monogatari

One of those unconventional romances is Ore Monogatari, which is possibly the most optimistic, positive and cute entry of the entire year, let alone the season.

The thing is, I got to Ore Monogatari thanks to Ao Haru Ride, why? They had a special chapter together, but fear not, Ore Monogatari is nowhere near as dramatic and difficult as Ore Monogari, in fact, they´re kind of total opposites: The tragic bishonen gets replaced for a bulky cutie, the romance doesn´t take 78 chapters to go somewhere, there are no misunderstandings except for the first few chapters, all in all, Ore Monogatari is basically guaranteed to one of if not my favourite anime of the season, cheers.

2. Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches


Now this is an interesting, if LIDEN FILMS manages to pull this off as well as the manga, Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches will seal the deal to be a guaranteed candidate for my favourite anime of the year. Yup, you read it right.

Y´see, a few months ago I was absolutely obsessed with this thank to the drama adaptation, which I watched in a single day and quickly continued to read the manga, you might aswell call this Kissing: The Animation, because that´s what it feels like.

Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches can either be a celebration of misfits with a lot of kissing between girls and boys, boys on boys and girls on girls in every episode, or it cain fail miserably and fall flat on it´s face thanks to the lack of time or LIDEN FILMS taking away all the charm of the series. Anyways, I´m carefully excited, and if anything, the OVA was alright, I might´ve been happier if BONES got this, but hey, it´s better than DEEN.

3. Narudoma

276  Here´s another tricky one – the premise of a shonen ai anime involving narcissistic college student bestfriends excites me to no end, but then again, I really don´t know jack shit about Narudoma apart from the fact that it´s a webcomic. According to Anichart this will be a full lenght anime, but really, I don´t believe it.

One way or another, I´ll check it out and meanwhile I´ll guess wheter or not this will become the second coming of anime jesus, or just another forgettable short.

4. Punch Line!


It´s MAPPA. It´s original. It´s colourful. I´m so hype.

5. Kekkai Sensen

278Again, I was lowkey excited for this one from the very beginning, mainly because it´s BONES and it looked different from the usual supernatural higschool anime we get season after season, my hype however went through the roof after watching the preview, I felt like 9 year old boy that uses the word epic in every mundane situation with orchestra music.

If Kekkai Sensen can keep up with the excitement from their preview, this will be nothing short of impressive and flashy.


6. Hibike! Euphonium


Alright, alright, I´ll admit it , I´m Kyoani trash, so what? I like cute girls, I like cute boys, I like the feel-good vibes of their shows and I like good friggin´ animation, so hey, who can blame me? Besides, apart from Kyoukai No Kanata, I have loved every single one of their shows.

7. Uta No Prince Sama 3000% Love Maji Revolution!

68435Speaking of trash, Utapri is getting a third season – I didn´t really like the first, but the second one was incredibly entertaining and I hold it very close to my heart, I hope the third season will be just as adorable and not-harem-y as the second, because honestly, that´s what set it apart from all the other bland reverse-harems.

Unless you´re Diabolik Lovers.

Oh word, Diabolik Lovers.



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