My 7 Most Anticipated Fall Anime.


I´m not all that excited for the Fall season.

Don´t get me wrong though, I´m just saying that there are very few shows that I´m blindly hyped for, maybe it´s the lack of sequels I´m interested in or maybe it´s because the Fall season doesn´t too many outlandish premises to stand out with just a preview and a promo poster alone. Unlike the Summer season which has bishie overload, the Fall season seems to go back to the usual anime visual-novel-light-novel-kyoani-harem-bishonen trash route that we all love or love to hate. I´m not complaining, though, because while there aren´t too many shows that stand out just yet, I feel like the Fall season will give us some unexpected surprises.

1. Psycho Pass Season 2.

337  Psycho-Pass is everything I have ever wanted out of an anime.

It has pretty animation, badass characters, pretty people and lots of action. If you  know me, you know I love thrillers with an edge of gore. If there is anything I could change about Psycho Pass, I would cut down the amount of characters mainly because I was left unsatisfied with the lack of attention they got, even if I liked them.

Thankfully, Psycho-Pass 2 is out to change this -hopefully- and I expect it will give the show the closure it deserves (either this or the movie) even without Gen Urobuchi on board.

 2. Kuroshitsuji: Book Of Murder.

338Alright, I´m cheating. This is an OVA and not an actual television series. Whatever man, whatever.

Kuroshitsuji : Book Of Circus was absolutely amazing, Hell, I´d say it´s objectively in the top 5 anime of the entire season. I cried, I laughed and was overal simply amazed by the quality of the series now that A1 wasn´t dicking around with original content, and assuming that they´re gonna continue this way, I am very excited for Kuroshitsuji: Book Of Murder.

Book Of Murder is actually the last arc I have read of the Kuroshitsuji manga, and it´s pretty good although less outlandish and emotional that Book Of Circus.

 3. Orenchi No Furo Jijou

I have had my say about this in my season preview post, but despite my negativity, I am very excited to see this for all the superficial reasons you´d expect. I mean, pretty boys sharing a bathtub? Sign me the fuck up.

Regardless of all that, I hope that it won´t try to plot all too hard, if you know what I mean. Shows like these are best when they just just talk about nonsense for 13 episodes straight. Kind of like Bakemonogatari and, to an extent, Meganebu. But we aren´t talking about Meganebu right now.

4. Shingeki No Bahamut Genesis.

339First of all, the character designs are ridiculous. Secondly, the dude on the right looks like a reject Space Dandy design. These are my only complaints about Shingeki No Bahamut Genesis as of now.

People seem to be wary about this solely because it´s based on a card game. Personally I think this is ridiculous, because ´based on´ can mean a lot of things. It can mean that it´s based on the world of the card game, rather than kids playing cards.

It´s also MAPPA, which is shaping up to be an amazing studio that doesn´t rely on shitty harem light novel adaptations. But eh, who knows what will happen in the future.

My reason for putting this show up here is because of the badass-ness of the trailer. I mean, yo, have you seen that animation? the horses on rooftops? the dragons? I don´t know about you, man, but I feel like this and Garo are gonna slay everything else on the chart.

5. Donten Ni Warau.

340 The hype. Is. So. Real. Kind of.

I have read a bit of Donten Ni Warau in the past and, honestly, I thought it was pretty neat. With that said, I think that Donten Ni Warau is either gonna be the surprise of the season or will end up in a pit of shame for all of eternity.

Like I said, I have only read a bit of it, and, looking at the poster, one could say that it´s pretty boy reverse-harem trash. Except that it´s not.

I really, really hope that this will turn out good, because there´s nothing better than a well-done action drama with pretty boys.

 6. Fate Stay Night.

Everyone knows about Fate, man, so this being here shouldn´t be a surprise.

I am 4 episodes away of finishing Fate Zero and honestly, I think it´s pretty good. Nothing overwhelmingly amazing and I won´t call it the best anime of all time either – because it´s not – but I´ll admit that it´s a fun, sometimes touching and creepy balls-of-the-walls well-animated battle royale that deserves the hype it gets for these reasons. So yeah, I´m anticipating more of it.

7. Amagi Brilliant Park.

341I wouldn´t call myself Kyoani-biased. I love Free!, think Kyoukai No Kanata is as mediocre as mediocre can get and I also think Chuunibyo is bullshit. Then again, I have an affinity for both K-on and Fullmetal Panic Fumoffu, even though I feel indifferent about Hyouka.

Hopefully Amagi Brilliant Park will be good, or atleast entertaining, although when I googled it to look for images, I only found the bare ass of one of the lady protagonist. Oh boy.

If there´s one thing we can guarante it´s that it´s gonna be well-animated. So eh.


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