My 5 Most Anticipated Summer Anime.


This upcoming summer season is quite the bombshell of nostalgia and newschool comebacks – studio Bones is doing shoujos again, Black Lagoon´s influeces go strong in Manglobe´s Gangsta, the poison of the yaoi genre – otherwise known as Junjou Romantica – gets a third season for some reason, Durarara!! continues to depresses everyone with what is and what it could have been, all still combined with shows that make you wonder what exactly their purpose are, like Sleeping Boys The Animation, or the full-length adaptation of a radio show about business ideas, or whatever Bikini Warriors is supposed to be.

1. Gangsta.

505Anime about troubled misfits are my weakness, anime about troubled misfits mixed with drugs, prostitution and friendship make for my ideal kind of fiction.

Gangsta is a show that runs in the veins of Black Lagoon, and not in the downright rip-off way like Jormungad has done it, nah, Gangsta has the same traits, but both shows have different things to say. I read a few chapters of the manga, and it seems bloody fantastic, this mixed with Manglobe´s mature sense of, well, everything, Gangsta is heads and shoulders on top off all the other anime this season – you´ve heard it here first, Gangsta. will be the sleeper hit of the season.


2. Prison School

509 Despite the second coming of Jesus known as Gangsta. if I could make you give any anime this season a chance, it´d be this one – Prison School, or Kangoku Gakuen is a series about a previously all-girls school where the male to female ration is one to hundred. Sounds absurd, yet familiar, right?

Well, brace yourselves and hit yourself on the head if you thought this would be like every other harem ever, because this is definitely not a harem, and if you´ve been on the internet long enough, you should know this.

Prison School is a massive hit, and for a good God damn reason, it fits with Cromartie Highschool and Detroit Metal City comedy-wise; crude, rude and incredibly sexual, yet sneakily smart. Prison School is, without a doubt, a gem that will be difficult to be done justice, in the hands of J.C Staff resides what they´re gonna cut out, censor and keep in. Let´s hope for the best, because this could be iconic.

3. Durarara!!x2 Ten

508Alright, the long-awaited second season of Durarara!! might not have been what it was or could hav been, but I still enjoyed it a whole lot, and I don´t think it´s just because of the nostalgia effect, either.

Durarara is a trendsetter, yet none of the shows that have come after it could capture the urban fairytail magic it had, not even its own sequel – apparently Durarara!!x2 Ten is the knot of the story, and trust me when I say shit is going to go down – I´ve read the novels, I almost cried, aswell, but that´s besides the point.

Just expect to see this in the Most Anticipated of Winter list aswell, because Durarara has a special place in my heart.


4. Junjou Romantica Season 3

506  Hey, hey, don´t kill me just yet – Junjou Romantica is utter trash, the gross McDonalds of the yaoi scene, the manga that has poisoned everyones views on the genre as a whole, but still, it´s a dirty pleasure and I´d be damned if I said I didn´t look forward to it just a bit.

Truth is, Junjou Romantica is as problematic as the come and has no merit other than its sometimes funny comedy (and that´s painfully subjective) – it´s everything a relationship should not be, the sex is almost always non consensual, the two respective characters of the relationship are i-den-ti-cal to one another (just look at the poster ) and words cannot describe how collectively upset everyone is on how this gets a third season, while great yaoi manga a lá Ten Count get ignored. Whatever man, I´m trash and this is the 50 Shades of Gay of the anime scene.


5.  Aoharu x Kikanjuu

507One of the lesser known and anticipated anime of this season, Brains Base gives us Aoharu x Kikanjuu, which seems to be a dirty mix of Ouran Highschool Host Club and Kuroshitsuji, which is the only reason why it caught my attention.

Honestly, I´m not even really anticipating this one, I just ran out of anime to talk about, I´m just kind of looking forward to this one, silently anticipating it, throwing its name out there so – if it becomes a hit – I can jump from the bushes and say I called it first. It might be shit. In fact, it will probably be pretty generic. But hey, pretty boys fighting other pretty boys is a concept I always get invested in, and these two last entries of this post make me seem really annoying. I have good taste guys, I swear.



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