My 5 Most Anticipated Fall Anime.


The Summer season has left me dazed and confused, y´all – I don´t even know what I like or dislike anymore, because my most anticipated dear Gangsta. soon had me yawning, while Shimoneta lowkey slayed every other anime this season, you could say my blogging has been as inconsistent as Ufotable has been with their God Eater episodes, but at least I actually finish the things I start on. Anyways, in order to dissapoint myself some more for the next season, I´ll tell you about my five most anticipated anime of the fall, which was a damned hard decision to make, not because there´s too much good, but because it looks absolutely shit.

1. One Punch Man

35It´s not even a matter of whether or not this is going to be good or bad, it´s just a competition of who can get the most people hyped up about Madhouse´s latest greatest shonen adaptation, One Punch Man, which is literally about a man who punches once and defeats the enemy.

I have no doubts this will be mad fun, and it´s not just because it´s MADHOUSE (Ha. Puns.) pulling out their big cards for a manga so cynical and ridiculously popular, but because it sounds genuinely fresh and fun.

I´ve read some chapters of the manga, and apart from the artstyle which is fucking brilliant, I really don´t have a lot to say.

I´m still salty over the fact that MADHOUSE didn´t pick up Prison School, but I´m sure the equally ridiculous (albeit unsurprisingly different and less sweat dripping down thighs) One Punch Man will sweep me off my feet just like they´re doing with Ore Monogatari and run away.

2. Perfect Insider

36This will either be the dissapointment of the season or the darkhorse of the season. You´ve heard it here first.

It has all the ingredients to be something different, but then I´m also partially reminded of this seasons Game of Laplace, which isn´t awful, but definitely not anything memorable.

With characater designs by Nisio Isin, creator of one my all time favourite manga Oyasumi PunPun, I have to put some faith in it, though – plus I´ve heard the original drama gets pretty dirty, I´ll just hope for an anime that actually has some none edgy consensual sex in it.

(Upon editing this post, I realized A1 Pictures is adapting it. Nevermind guys, it´ll be shit.)

3. Haikyuu!!2

37Haikyuu!!´s second season is around the corner and I am so here for it. I loved the first season – not as much as the people invading my Tumblr feed everyday with gay fanart and spoilers, but I still liked it, a lot.

It´s definitely not Kuroko no Basket, and it doesn´t really have to be, it´s light and fluffy and sometimes borderline supernatural and dramatic, I appreciate the Naruto slipping in the series sometimes, and I´m always a slut for pretty boy pixels.

One way or another, Haikyuu is that show you just watch. Like watching Oprah after lunch. Or Gordon Ramsay at dinner. I´ll forget about it when it finishes but in the meantime, I´ll join the hype.

4. Diabolik Lovers More, Blood

38Grammar freaks, self respecting girls and Tumblr social justice warriors all come together once more for another season of our favourite show to rip apart, Diabolik Lovers More, Blood – what a dumb fucking title.

Half of you must be raising your eyebrows wondering why this piece of crap is up here, well, honestly, this show was so unintenionally hilarious, I somehow watched all of it, skipped through the semi serious part and went on a feminist rampage right afterwards. The show is trash, there is absolutely no denying that, but I´m anticipating the shit it´s gonna get this time around and plus, it brings me some nostalgia, because Diabolik Lovers was one of the first shows I talked about on this blog way back. Ah, memories.

5. Owarimonogatari

39It´s simply Monogatari, and even though I´m a fake fan who watched Hanamonogatari but not all of the second season, I really do appreciate it when they come out – I don´t have anything more to add, really.

But real talk, how many episodes does this franchise have now? it has got to be around the 75 episodes by now, probably reaching 100 whole episodes of people talking shit back and forth by the end of it – just how did this get so popular and will anyone interested in the show in the future be able to look past the confusing timeline and crap ton of episodes? I know I wouldn´t, and I´m kinda glad I got into this show when it was just Bakemonogatari and nothing more – whatever, as long as it entertains.



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  1. Nisio Isin? I think you are confusing him with Asano Inio xD
    So pumped for One Punch Man. The webcomic is hilarious.

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    • Ah damn, this is why I should double check my posts. Yesss, have you seen the first episode?

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