My 10 Unpopular Anime Opinions… Or Something.

5So within the ani-blogging part of the conmunity lately; Bloggers are letting out their inner-hipster and are talking about 5, 6 or 10 of what they consider “unpopular” anime opinions. And while I mostly agree with the opinions of the masses, there are some things that I just can’t agree with no matter how hard I try; Be it that Sword Art Online isn’t the kiss of death of anime or that Madoka Magica isn’t that great andor amazing as some make it out to be. So without further delay, here are 10 (un)popular opinions on the medium, it’s shows, directors, VA’s and genres.

1. Animation is just as important as the story if not more so.

13 I mean, let’s geat real; Anime is a visual medium, and ignoring or not caring about the subjectiveobjective value of the show at hand seems a little insulting to the people working (or not working) on it for days and weeks and months. A great example would be Nisekoi or Kyoukai No Kanata; Two shows that for me personally only deserve merit for it’s fantastic animation. Of course, this rule also applies the other way around; For example, in Princess Princess…animation, what animation?


2.The second half of Death Note is just as good as the first.

13One of my first posts on this blog was in fact a rant about the Death Note second half haters, and even after I’ve discussed this topic with a bunch of my real-life (Wait, you have friends?) anime-watching friends, I still have trouble understanding what’s so bad about post-episode 25 Death Note that made people ragequit the entire show. I mean, forreal?

3.I can’t watch Berserk because of it’s animation.

14 Going back to the animation thing; I have trouble watching Berserk because of it’s animation style. I know, I know, contradicting what I said before I admit that, objectively, Berserk looks pretty nice, but subjectively however I just can’t deal with it’s colouring and everything surrounding it. I’m sorry.


4.I’m not a fan of Shinichiro Watanabe or most of his shows.

That’s righ’t. I don’t like Bebop, Champloo was okay and Space Dandy is fuckin’ weird. Sure, sure, sure, they’re  pretty big deal for catering to the Western audience but still, Kids On The Slope is the only show of his I can appreciate.


5.’Cute girls doing cute things‘ shows are not killing the industry.


Hell, if K-on marked the death of anime, the medium should have been long dead before the moeboom; Or are you saying that the shameless fanservice era was better than this? Atleast it keeps my innocence in tact; And aslong as it doesn’t start with “A” and ends with “Channel” I can safely say that I’ve enjoyed every moe show I’ve watched.


6.Angel Beats is perfectly fine the way it is.

16 No I don’t think Angel Beats needs a remake nor do I believe that the ending was rushed or bad. In fact, I kind of like endings that leave the afterstory up to your own imagination, so there.


7.There are maybe two or three shows with satisfactory romance.


And even saying that I can’t think of even one except maybe Nana. So what’s up Japan? Too scared that the viewers aren’t gonna like the couple? believe that the audience can’t handle a bit of kissing or touching? Are 25 episodes of beating around the bush really worth the wait for a bit of hand holding or even *gasp* kissing?! Fuck you, shoujo anime; I hate the way I love you.


8.Studio DEEN isn’t the worst studio around.

Yes, they butchered Umineko and don’t even feel bad about it. Yes, their animation isn’t the best in the industry. And sure, lately it looks like they follow the scent of money and trend giving birth to some of the worst and generic shows I’ve ever seen, but still, they have an insane variety of shows (even yuri and yaoi) which is something I can appreciate, y’know, unlike Kyoani.


9.Kyoani should be more daring.

chuuniplayeroxd Even if you aren’t fond of their shows; one can’t deny that Kyoani’s animation looks absolutely stunning when it needs to be, capturing the mood in a way only the best can do. And just like that I think Kyoani should be a little more daring in the choices they make and what audience to cater to; We’ve seen what they can do with Free! and we’ve seen that even they can bomb with their otakumoe pandering shows (Tamako Market, Kyoukai No Kanata) so Kyoani, wanna give it a try?


10.Evangelion is not overrated or pretentious.

I genuinely believe that Evangelion deserves to be called one of the best and mindfuckiest shows of all time,  even with it’s money milking Rebuild movies.


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