MORE Life Updates Nobody Asked About: 100 Subs, Manga & Algebra.

5So after an entire week of dicking around doing absolutely nothing but draw, eat and going to the beach, It’s only unfortunate to say that it’s time to go back to school, “learning” things I’ll never ever use in the future except maybe being able to handle that annoying co-worker or the freeloader that does even less than I do.

Still, inspiration strikes when I least want it, apparently, so I have a few irrelevant things to say about the blog itself and where I want to go with it, see here:

1. Visual Novels – I’ve mentioned it before but now I’m actually writing it. DRAMAtical Murder will be the first to go under the figurative knife, as in, I’ll be talking about it and make it interesting somehow.

2. Manga – Specifically, manga andor mangaka spotlights. Pretty simple concept: It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while as I make it a habit to read whenever I’m stressing out, so understandibly I’ve read ALOT of them. Keiko Suenobu’s award winning bullying manga LIFE will be up first.

3. 100 subs – Yeah, 100 subs is not alot compared to the majority of bloggers, but for me personally it’s a milestone done in a 7 month period, no, I don’t have a 100 yet, but I’ll get there somewhere next month probably. Anyway, what I’m getting is that, since the very beginning I’ve wanted to wait for this number to get ambitious: Yes, this blog will get it’s own domain and no, I’m not selling out. I’m just an underaged middle-class higschooler who wants to go to university and would like this blog to maybe, maybe become a small source of income for that goal.

I spend alot of time writing about these Chinese cartoons, so I don’t think it’s unreasonable. As always, thank you for reading these pointless life updates, cheers.



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