More Life Updates No-one Asked For;


So after some cropping, colouring, translating and typestting, yesterday night I decided to make a banner in aproximately 10 minutes and a shower session; I’m satisfied but I also think it’s a little bit out of place, but whatever.

I say ‘whatever’ because, as I’m writing this I’m also simuntaneously procastinating on my homework, my studies and other highschool responsibilities I’m bombarded with (Again) for the next week; I’m talking about this terms finals, and I’m currently walking on a fine thread with Maths and French, French being the one thing I never expected myself to fail, while Maths is a given for someone who has been failing it for three entire years.

On another note, this blog has succesfully passed the 1000 view mark and 50 subscribers, I’m surprised; Thank you.

And finally; I plan on doing episodic reviews on one, two and maybe three shows starting next season; I’ll see which ones look controversial enough for me to talk about, if you have anything in mind than please go ahead and tell me.

For one, this will boost the blog’s activity, which is good, I guess.

So that’s that; I’ll go back to studying World History and Algebra, wish me luck.



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