Manglobe´s Genocidal Organ Movie Delayed + Bankruptcy Confirmed.

69After rumors of Manglobe studios going bankrupt spread all over the internet, it was confirmed a few hours later that the studio filed for bankruptcy on Thursday while racking up a 2 million US dollar debt – Manglobe continued to work on their projects despite that, but was now deemed unable to continue business.

Now, the question of whether or not Genocidal Organ – part of a trilogy collaborating with three different studios and three different directors – will ever see the light of day has risen after the official  movie website has annouced that Genocidal  Organ is delayed, but Harmony – another film of the trilogy, courtesy by Studio 4C – will premiere in its place.

They did say “delayed” and not “completely sweeped off the table” so assuming Manglobe finished most of the work and just needed the final touch-ups, it´s realistic to think another studio will finish it in their place. On the other hand, rumor now has it that Manglobe was rushing on production from the get-go, so it´s all yet to be seen.

What I´m personally curious about is whether or not the animators knew about the financial struggles of the studio, whether they got their final pay-check or not and whether or not Genocidal Organ, assuming it gets released, will suffer under the economy of its studio or if Manglobe blew their final funds on it with the hope of it being their saving grace. If the movie ends up being a massive hit it´ll be a bit sad.


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Manglobe´s Genocidal Organ Movie Delayed + Bankruptcy Confirmed., 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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