Manglobe Rumored To Have Gone Bankrupt.


Although nothing is actually confirmed, Manglobe´s official website has gone down and various animators have tweeted about being out of a job, not receiving a salary for the next two months and having to find a new gig while writer Shigeru Morita has said a “certain” animation studio was facing bankruptcy.

Manglobe was responsible for shows like Samurai Champloo, Ergo Proxy, Michiko to Hatchin, Samurai Flamenco, The World Only God Knows and this seasons Gangsta, among others – their DVD and BD sales barely ever passed 2, their best selling show Karneval with an incredibly underwhelming 4k sales.

Manglobe was founded by Sunrise producers Shinichiro Kobayashi and Takashi Kochiyama in 2002 with the purpose of creating an ecosystem for creative minds free to do whatever they wanted, and now if the speculation is true, it has tied the bow.

So this is interesting. Sad. Uncomforting. Confusing. Call it whatever you want it definitely puts things in perspective. Michiko to Hatchin was definitely the beginning of the end for them and even though they made the rare light novel adaptation to make ends meet since then they were more respected for breaking the mold, Manglobe never really gave a fuck about sales or profit, or at least not as much as they should have not enough shows to sell cute figures or pillows, too many originals to get funded by an existing franchise. Manglobe was on their last legs and judging by their lack of shows recently, they knew it, too.

I think Manglobe was what Mappa is now. I don´t like this idea one bit because I love Mappa shows, and I hate to see them sell even worse than Manglobe it puts things in perspective because it´s becoming more and more obvious original shows just aren´t gonna cut it just for being ambitious anymore because the guys that are paying, at this time of age, don´t want that and the people who complain but don´t support jack shit honestly don´t have the right to complain.

But I´m not one to preach. I´m broke and can only support its source material from time to time anything creative goes, and other creative people or ideas will come in its place. It´s the circle of creation, it´s not gonna change, Manglobe had their hits and Manglobe had their misses, profit comes from peoples knowledge and balls of creativity. It has been good.


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