Manga Sunday Recommendations: It’s All About The BL.

58Somewhere along the lines of the past months, the transition of Saturday-to-Sunday have become the time where I find some peace, quite and time to read manga, mostly corny highschool yaoi or equally corny shoujo doki-doki romances that generally go nowhere.

YesterdayToday I’ve read Non Tea Room, written and drawn by the amazing SHOOWA, creator of Bokura no Mitsudomoe Sensou.

If you’ve read or seen my all time favourite animemanga NANA, I’d best describe this as Nana with gays. Yeah.

The story revolves around two bands, and the relationship between two of their members and all the complications that come with it. The second part features the single best threesome scene I have read.

the first thing you’ll notice is the artstyle that may put you off, but with each passing page you realize that the simplistic doujin-like nature is just appropiate for a down to earth story like this.

Non Tea Room is a beautiful work that doesn’t feel too heavy or too ridiculous, it’s oozing of cool and it inspires many things, I firmly belive that this is one of the better manga I’ve read recently.

cover Going from a rock n’ roll down to earth love story, I’ll move on to Kono Ore Ga Omae Nanka Suki Na Wakenai, or There’s No Way I’m In Love With You!, which is the complete opposite of everything Non Tea Room is.

It’s loud, in your face and ridiculously cute. Created by another favourite of mine, Ogawa Chise, known for Gosan no Heart, and honestly, it’s everything you’d expect it to be.

If you share my undying love for cheesy yaoi highschool smutty-but-cute manga, naturally, you will love, adore and want more of this.

A very long time ago, pretty boy Taisei grew close to Okachi Machi for attention, just to find out Okachi didn’t consider him to be a friend at all! years later these two reunite in highschool, but Taisei is the only one who remembers.

This and alot of fluff makes Nanka Suki Na Wakanai one of the best yaoi of it’s kind, and I suggest you give it a try, but not as much as Non Tea Room, which should be read by any person who considers himherself a fan of the genre.


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Manga Sunday Recommendations: It's All About The BL., 4.8 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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