Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 1 – Transmagical Tumblr Girls.

Magical Girl Raising Project

You know, this would be good if Madoka Magica didn’t exist.

We get it, Madoka, I was gay for sailor Jupiter too. Really, Magical Girl Raising Project – or Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikai if you want to be difficult – has the right idea. Lerche serves good looks and an amazing ending track, and the idea of an app game giving one in a thousand people a chance to become an actual superhero magical girl ready to save the world is cool.

Moreover, these magical girls have their own chatroom. It’s basically Youtube Heroes, if Youtube Heroes ended up killing each other in cold blood and regretting the moment they accepted the weight of becoming a magical girl.

Which, realistically, will probably happen. In this analogy Youtube is Kyubei, I mean, Pon. All these greasy magical girl mascots are all the same, anyway.

You’d think our MC would’ve seen Madoka Magica if she’s a fan of magical girl shows but clearly she didn’t get the memo. Whatever, I’ll stop the bad jokes.

Magical Girl Raising Project is exactly what you and I expected it to be, except that it’s not as straightforward as the studios previous edgy edge work, Gakkourashi, which was about a mentally ill kid living between zombies. Or something.

Which you know, isn’t bad. Magical Girl Raising Project is fluffy, cute, and amplifies the hype because we know what’s gonna go down in the next couple of episodes. You know, like how Homura – I mean, the childhood friend – is probably gonna die. Like how all of this is probably an edgy complot of some evil overlord taking advantage of little girls dreams. And boys too, I guess.

Which is probably the best part of the episode besides the ridiculous chatroom. Tumblr, Kore wa Zombie desu ka and the International Transgender Magical Girl Association (ITMGA) are shaking in their boots as it is revealed that one of the magical girls is the boy from MC’s past !

I’m joking, obviously. But the joke was just too easy to avoid. Either way, it’s pretty cool that both girls and boys can become a magical girl, and that there isn’t any dumb fanservice or comedy around this fact. It’s pretty sweet, actually.

In conclusion, I’ll definitely continue to watch this, but I will not be surprised if I lose interest halfway in the show.

Also: The names are absolutely ridiculous.


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Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 1 - Transmagical Tumblr Girls., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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