Magic Kyun! Renaissance Episode 1 – Make A Drinking Game Out Of It.

magic kyun! renaissance

Magic Kyun! Renaissance is automatically sixty percent better if someone tells me that the BDs included a drinking game manual.

And you don’t live in the United States for free healthcare.

By which I mean – take a shot everytime there’s a trope happening. No, no, you know what I mean by that. Take a shot everytime we’re introduced to a new pretty boy with hair and learn about their specialties. Take a shot everytime Mrs.Klutz is being a dumbass, like falling off balconies. Like getting lost in her school. Take a shot everytime the aforementioned pretty boys save her out of some awkward situation.

The point of the game is to take a guess whether the people playing end up in intensive care because of alcohol poisoning or because of self-harm. I mean, not to be that person, but this show is super generic even for the fangirliest of fangirls. I live and breathe pretty 2D boys, but man, Utapri is doing it better.

Magic Kyun! Renaissance is greasy and typical and firmly believes there’s no such thing as too many idol shows. Clearly, director Mitsue Yamazaki, who also directed the highly acclaimed (I’m not being sarcastic for this one) Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun only did a good job on it because of its source material.

You know, it’s not harmful, it’s nothing unforgivable, it’s just mediocre, it’s there – which might be worse than being outright bad, depending on who you ask.

The story is about a girl entering some magical academy where people are known as artistas and apparently Mozart and Salvador Dalí are like, magical heroes in this world because one of the pretty boys wields a giant paintbrush and another one specializes in gardening. Our protagonist’s mother has some beef with the emoest pretty boy of them all, and after telling us that every year a prince and princess are chosen, this episode of Magic Kyun! Renaissance ends.

You know, with a colourful explosion. With me wanting to tie the noose ten times in the span of twenty minutes. With dead mothers. With my twelve year old heart dying little by little.

With all of this, by far my favourite part between the clusterfuck of magic and artists is that the episode begins with our pretty boys singing and telling us to play dreaming sunrise with them. Any anime that tells me to play dreaming sunrise with them within the first minute of the show has automatically lost me.

Seriously, just watch Utapri instead.


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