Log Horizon Author Mamare Touno Under House Arrest.


It seems Log Horizon author Mamare Touno has been under some fire once again for avoiding paying his taxes taxes once more, and has been put under house arrest for neglecting to file 1 million US dollars in royalties, aswell as his rights management company m2ladeJAM being accused of not paying around 250k US dollars in taxes – the prosecutor stated in April that Touno owes the Japanese government more than 30 million yen for this.

“The Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau notified me about the investigation on my tax reports, and I cooperated with their investigation.” Touno says. “I have filed and paid my back taxes and completed the necessary paperwork, and so the Bureau has concluded their investigation.”

However, there´s some confusion whether this is a literal house arrest, or whether he was just prosecuted in his home Touno himself doesn´t seem that fazed, so I´ll just assume it´s the latter, things got twisted in translation and Touno paid his taxes like a good Japanese citizen should by now. Correct me if I´m wrong. Oh well.


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