Life Updates Nobody Asked About: Visual Novels, Reviews & Spring Anime Season.


Initially, my plan was to publish at least one Fall season anime review a day but unfortunately that idea didn’t go anywhere considering the fact that I was stuck without internet for an entire weekend, either way, after seeing my 1089 messages on WhatsApp and after finding out that, shit, I’m officially obsessed with the infamous BLgore Visual Novel called DRAMAtical Murder I got an idea;

Should I start talking about VN’s? I’ve only played two in my whole dear life; One being School Days and the other being DRAMAtical Murder, but still, as I’ve been shamelessly going through all the bad ends of the afromentioned yaoi game, I came to the realization that I have alot to say – and more importantly, to complain – about when it comes to these games; Don’t get me wrong, I’m terribly infatuated by it and it makes me squeal and blush and gasp but still.

I don’t want to be boring and write reviews though, so maybe I’ll do a “ Let’s talk about ___ route”  and I’ll go from there forward, whatever, first I want to finish both DRAMAtical Murder, DRAMAtical Murder re;connect and Clannad and Higurashi and Lucky Dog.

On a completely different note, to be a little more active (but not overly so) on my blog, I was thinking about writing episodic reviews on some controversial show; But then I decided that that would be boring, so I’ve come up with the next idea:

I will be doing episodic posts on Mahouka and (maybe) Akuma No Riddle; But not reviews. Instead, I’ll rip them apart in a comedic fashion and I chose these shows because I feel that these will be both popular and easy to make fun of, so there.

Furthermore, we have Cultural Week coming up in my school and I have to cook, wave a flag around, cook and go on alot of trips to places I’ve been a thousand times before, but whatever, that’s cool. Cheers.


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