Life updates no-one asked for:

legaldrug3So my blog has been getting a milestone of attention lately, and I’m very, very grateful to each and every one of you reading this, so there, thanks.

Thing is, normally I could update the blog daily, but regardless of everything, I’m still a highschooler with a a somewhat healthy social life and too many exams to count on both hands.

So that and the lack of buzz in the community is the reason for my mini-hiatus; Exams will be going on till Friday so expect me to go back to my old writing routine after that.

Of course, I couldn’t live with myself if I left this blog completely abandoned for an entire week; So I actually have some content ready; One is a Samurai Flamenco analysis, the other is a hipster recommendation and finally a little history lesson on Moe.

Yeah, that’s it. And now I’ll leave to study French history, but not before I tell you all to have a lovely dayevening, :)


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