Liebster Awards And Broken Umbrellas

liebster-awardSo as bemused little me woke up way later than I should have; I checked to see if the internet could cheer me up over the haunting thougths of up and coming exams I’m so not prepared for;

And before I went outside and fought the rain and wind that broke my 1€ umbrella I found out I got nominated for the Liebster Award, and boy, was I surprised.

All the gushing and unexpected happenings aside; I guess I should say thank you to Otaku Daydreams, thanks :D

On another one, I have to answer questions, linkback to the person who nominated me and thereafter nominate blogs myself, so here goes:

1.What was the first anime you’ve watched?

Pretty sure this was either Pokemon or Yu-gi-oh, as for anime I knew was anime (Well, to be fair, I called it manga) was Sailor Moon when I was 10, and Death Note came shortly afterwards.

2.If you’re stranded on an island, what are three things you want with you?

One box with manga, another box with food & water, and a third box with pillows.

3.How did you choose your blog title?

I liked the definition of Alexithymia and considered myself cool and edgy to use it as a blog title. I’m sorry.

4.Do you prefer shounen or shoujo anime?

Hands down and legs up shoujo; It’s easily my favourite genre even if it darn cliché mostly.

5.What’s the worst decision you ever made?

Writing this when I should be studying probably.

6.What’s your favourite anime opening song?

Death Note 2nd opening, Sayonara Zetsubou sensei opening, Maria Holic opening, Experiments Lain opening, Soul Eater opening. Ayy.

7.Is anime or manga better?

Different values = Different experience. Anime has music, voice acting, movement and the like meanwhile manga has more diversity.

8.What’s the worst anime you’ve watched?

Kashimashi girl meets girl and Vampire Knight.

9.Why did you decide to create a blog?

Procastination on my responsibilities and lack of anime-focused conversation in my every day life.

10.What’s your favourite food?

Everything that’s not rice.

What’s your favourite genre for anime?

Shoujo, Seinen, Psychological shows and the likes.

So that’s that. Now for the people I believe deserve a Liebster award, here goes;


…And I’m sorry to say I dont actually know any other blogs that I foumd myself caring about, (yet) Well, aren’t I horrible.

All in all, I guess that that’s that and I should go back to doing what I normally do; Watching anime and complain about it. Heck yeah.




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