Lets Talk Art: Summer 2014. [Part 2]

Visual example of half the shows this season.
Visual example of half the shows airing this season.

We’re stepping on dangerous grounds, folks.

It’s a hot Summer day, the AC is on max and I can hear the children getting excited over the beach all the way from my bedroom. My sister is enjoying herself in the park, my friends are probably outside getting drunk. Naturally, there is no better moment to complain about anime and their amazing knowledge of the male anatomy (I’m looking at you, Love Stage) and the visual disaster that is DRAMAtical Murder, by disaster I mean: Oh my God Aoba, what are you wearing?


I’m shocked that I couldn’t find a satisfying gif for Zankyo No Terror. Whatever, I’ll assume that everyone has already seen its *amazing* premiere already.

I can’t say anything different from the masses for this one, you’ve heard it all: The animation is movie-quality, I don’t know what gave Watanabe and his team the confidence to pump all this money in a show that doesn’t rely on fanservice or have a steady fanbase, respect.

The character designs look as humane as they need to be, the backgrounds are gorgeous and man, it’s been a while since I’ve seen such fluid movements. In the end, you can just feel the sweat, love, care and time put into this wonderful show that deserves all the hype it’s getting.


I’m not one to bitch about proportions. Especially when it’s yaoi, I mean, if there were such a thing as a yaoi bingo card then “messed-up-proportions” would definitely be part of it, and somehow I’ve learned to accept this awkward trait.

But God damn, Love Stage took this to another level, the arms, the legs, the size of the head, the botox lips, everything. Do some people find this crap attractive?

As the episode progressed, though, I got over it to the point I barely noticed it and instead I got consumed by cuteness of it all. Atleast it’s not JC Staff‘s fault, though, the manga looks equally cartoony.

For the rest, the animation is meh and the colours are a mixed bag of fluff and typical yaoi-palette, if that makes sense, nothing spectacular or anything.


Now let’s talk about A1 Pictures and how they’re taking on no less than three high-profile shows on in a single season. I believe that they put less money on Kuroshitsuji:Book Of Circus than Aldnoah.Zero and Gary Stu: The Animation Season 2, I belive it’s because this one already has an established fanbase.

All my critique on the actual episode aside, the stylization looks exactly the same as the previous two seasons, if not a little better and a little brigther. I have no complaints or praise for this one.

Well, except the OP, which is probably the best OP of the entire season. Oh and Yana Toboso who is my hero.


Aaand here we have Barakamon, the team behind this is also responsible for the tragedy that was Black Bullet. Thankfully, it seems like they’re taking on something a bit more respectable than Pedophilia: The Animation.

What can I say? Just like their previous works Barakamon looks clean, staying away from uneccessary details and using a bright colour palette, nothing to wow me, really, but okay neverthless.


As for the other A1-Pictures show (If you think I’ll be talking about Sword Art Online you probably haven’t been on this blog for very long) Aldnoah.Zero.

Now, remember that I’m talking about the visuals, not the merits of the story, characters, pacing or whatever.

I don’t like the designs, to be honest. They look mighty cartoony and share no traits with actual humans, it almost looks unfinished. The CGI is pretty neat though, seeing that I didn’t want to saiyan-kick the screen in.

Whatever you know whatever.


The visuals of the DRAMAtical Murder game look absolutely gorgeous, even if it has a questionable sense of fashion, it felt right, especially the designs of the characters.

The anime adaptation? Not so much. These are the guys who did Hamatora, DRAMAtical Murder, however, looks a lot better than that (not that this is hard to achieve). They don’t look polished at all, and that’s not very good for a show that’s supposed to have fangirls lusting after the cast.

However, the actual animation looks pretty neat, surprisingly so, and the backgrounds? Pretty bad and feel like unfinished drawings.


So, Ao Haru Ride. Production I.G is probably favourite studio when it comes to animation: More often than not, they stay true to the source’s style unless they make it even better( See: Attack On Titan) So naturally, I was excited to see my favourite shoujo manga in all it’s I.G glory.

I felt underwhelmed, it looks very cheap and very mediocre, really. The backgrounds have the same issue I have with DRAMAtical Murder: It looks unfinished.


Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun. It’s good, it looks good. Watch it.


PS: Regarding Bakumatsu Rock: I’ve given my 50 cents on the artstyle in part one, I want to apologize, the CGI is possibly the crappiest CGI I have ever seen and it just shows how lazy DEEN really is, even though I think the actual show is hilarious. Thanks for that guys.


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