Let´s Talk Art, Spring 2015 Edition. Part 1.



Haruhi Suzumiya is almost a decade old but still better looking that half the shows this season, 2D character animation is slowly dying, sweet n´ sticky moe is more abused than it ever was and everyone is doing what Kyoani did years ago, just wrong. At least Talking: The Animation has some pretty slick action scenes, which is just fair knowing these animators spend 80% of the episode just animating heads and thick thighs. Thanks, Ufotable.


I wanted to start off with this particular show simply because the aesthetics have a lot of relevance to comparing it to the original, non-spin-off Kyoani Haruhi Suzumiya of the good ol´ 2006. Yes. Almost 10 years ago.

So, yeah, comparing it to an almost decade-old series, Haruhi Suzumiya sweeps this Nagato-chan off its feet and drags it all over the room, simply put, a show with a 10 year old disatvantage looks way, and I mean way prettier than this one.

It´s not that Nagato or Satelight suck at animating or character design, it´s just that Kyoto Animation is so damn good at it, which they better be knowing they´re most famous for just that, so comparing the two is like comparing A-product butter to B-product butter, it´s just not fair to expect anything else from the get-go.

Even if I had to judge this show purely for what it is, it´s really nothing more than your average moe show with cute girls and one ugly bastard for a protagonist. I liked Kyon, I really did.

Tl;dr – It must suck to be compared to the Kyoani gods.


From one stellar production studio to a slightly less stellar one, see here WIT Studio´s Owari No Seraph, apparently they still have enough money from left from Shingeki No Kyojin to fit two gorgeous looking anime one after another. Let´s just hope Owari has a little more backbone than Rolling Girls, though.

So, I have a few things to say, and the first thing I have to get out of the way is that christ awful CGI walking cycle somewhere in the middle of the first episode, what the hell was that? also, can anyone tell me wheter or not they mixed cgi with 2D animation in this episode? I mean, some scenes after that just looked...plastic and very round. Apart from that, everything looks fluid and the artstyle ranges from metrosexual vampires to Eren Jaeger #28, but hey, it´s cool.


Speaking of plastic, Plastic Memories hits us with an unexpected bat of feels and tears, earning the title of “wowwhatthefuckIdidn´texpectedthat” of the season, in more ways than one. Produced by Dogakobo, known for Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Plastic Memories style is best described as “clean n´ cartoonish”, cartoonish for the colours, clean for everything else. Shoutout to the emotional moments where the facial expressions actually looked human.


Kekkai Sensen, produced by Bones, is exactly what Hamatora should have been. It´s like a fabulous mix of Hamatora, Space Dandy and Bones flavour. I like it, it feels like a classic 90s anime with aliens and gangster paradise cities. It´s great, the animation is great, the expressions are great, all in all, GG.


And for the last entry of part 1, we´re gonna talk about Uta no Prince-sama 3000% Love. You know what I´m gonna say, right? Who put the ugly CGI in my pretty boy harem chinese cartoons? first in Owari, and now this? does this mark yet another phase in the slow but evident transgression from 2D animation to souless CGI? Yeah, okay, I´m not ready, and this ruined the entire episode. Whatever.


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