Let’s Talk Art: Spring 2014 Part 2.


If Sword Art Online fucked a rainbow, I’m sure that No Game No Life would be it’s consequence. This, the latest CGI-or-die science fiction TV anime Sidonia No Kishi, so-cute-please-burn-it-with-fire Soul Eater NOT! and the stunner that is Mekaku City Actors reminds me just why I love animation. Oh boy, here we go.


If there’s one thing I can give Mangaka-san t0 Assistant-san to credit for it’s their ability of drawing pretty underwear. Also the MC shouts alot and the animation with it makes me laugh because I have shit sense of humor (See: D-Frag= Best comedy ever probably.) Character designs are so meh it’s not even worth talking about.


Isshuukan Friends is so fuckin’ kawaii I might just turn into Yui god dang Hirasawa when this season ends. Forreal, the permanent blush on the character’s faces are both concerning and cute, the colours are warm and cute, the designs are cute, the movements are cute, the backgrounds are cute, it’s cute.


Okay real talk: Black Bullet is pretty shit. The animation is not. Apart from it’s “hilarious” dirty gags (white liquid, get it? HARHARHARHA-) the animation is pretty clean-cut and basic. No complaints are heard from my side especially when it comes to the character designs which are totally awesome. Though the creator’s inabilty of drawing original looking male characters is obvious, I can’t blame the chap what with the Japanese otaku being all over cutesy loli bullshit these days.


Speaking of cutesy bullshit, let’s talk about Soul Eater NOT!. I’ll be the first to admit that I did not like the original show after episode 25, but seeing the character designs get butchered the way they did broke my heart just a little bit. Soul looks stoned, Maka looks stupid as goes for everyone else of the Soul Eater cast.

Furthermore, the main trio are cute and ditzy and suit their role. Whatever you know whatever.


The animation, designs and movements of Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san are hella gay. That is all.


Man oh man, I applaud MADHOUSE for their triumphant attempt of creating a colourful and different atmosphere, you might just call it Skittles: The Animation.

Forreal, from it’s fantastic and extravagant character designs to the wacky camera shifting, there is nothing I don’t like about No Game No Life just yet.


I could rip the aesthetics of Sidonia No Kishi to complete shreds, but I don’t think I will. ‘Cause truth to be told this is an experimental anime trough and trough, and for the budget it (probably) has it’s not close to bad. Clearly it looks awkward and naturally I believe that anime should never ever ever transition to full CG ever, but for what it’s worth it’s sorta-kinda-acceptable, even if it looks almost exactly like Galaktic Football, but whatever.

┬áThe mechs look cool, the character’s and movements awkward. That’s just how it is, it’s a valiant attempt.


So Akikyuki Shinbou and Kagerou Project had sex so this happened. Jesus fuckin’ Christ this has SHAFT written all over and I’m loving it. Well played, Mekaku City Actors, well played.


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