Let’s Talk Art: Spring 2014 Part 1.


If you’ve been following me for a while, you’d know that I don’t do first episode first impressions, mainly because I feel that it’s stupid to give any opinion when all it has done is introduce itself. Instead I properly give it a three episode chance and I talk about it thereforward.

So, what should I do to stay active on my blog without giving away any opinion? I asked myself, and after watching the pilot episode of Haikyuu I realized that I have more than a few things to say about the animation, character designs and colours in the first part of the Winter 2014 anime season, so here goes:


So Haikyuu is a thing that happened.

It is obvious that Production I.G learned a few things from the previous two seasons of Kuroko No Basket; And so it’s not surprise that the standard animation looks like the best of Kuroko: With alot of movements and fast camera shifting it makes the experience a thrilling one.

However, the characters look like fish. I mean, forreal, have you seen their eyes? And they look lanky to boot, too. This is a big miss for a show with a female-centric fanbase. But whatever I guess, since it looks like I’m the only one annoyed by this. For the rest the colouring reminds me of Naruto what with the overwhelming presence of orange, tho that may just be because of MC’s hair colour.


Captain Earth looks equally gorgeous as it’s predecessor Star Driver. If anime had a  Hollywood than this would be it. The character designs look very pretty, especially of the dark-skinned girl and our main character. For the rest, there is alot of detail put in movement which is probably the most difficult part of animating, so I applaud BONES for this feat.


This is MADHOUSE we’re talking about so expecting less-than-amazing animation is an insult… or atleast, it would have been if it weren’t for last season’s terribad Mahou Sensou.

I was worried that Mahouka would get the same treatment, but considering the fact that the Light Novel is hella popular my worries were put at ease: Mahouka looks just fine, it’s bright and the action scenes look jawdroppingly awe-some.

Furthermore, the character designs are meh but still attractive in a cliché kind of way, the colouring reminds me alot of Project K which is great.


Akuma No Riddle is Danganronpa with lesbians, take that as you will.

Big exagerrated eyes, unnatural hair and small bodies. I love it. For the rest the animation looks veeeeery average but strangely old-school with it’s basic colouring. In all honesty though, it’s fitting and appropiate and hasn’t annoyed me in the slightest.


Selector Infected WIXOSS‘s presentation is Madoka Magica if SHAFT weren’t behind it. It’s moe with big-eyed girls we’ve seen before. Apart from the edgy & grimm scenes the rest looks kind of bad and dull. The movements are nothing spectacular and, as I said, the colour palette is dead. Think Evangelion x Madoka Magica x Yu-gi-oh.


I’ll just say that Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii is so shoujo I’m anticipating the bishonen sparkles. For the rest the colouring fits the mood and our heroine looks like Hakaze from Zetsuen No Tempest which is always a good thing. For the rest, I’m unsure of the fact that the king looks like 8 year old cocky Ciel Phantomhive, but whatever.


Oh man, I want to talk about Kamigami No Asobi so bad.

The characters, which is cleary the selling point of the show, look gorgeous (well, apart from two of them who look like skinny boys on their period) I mean forreal, Apollon is my kind of guy and so is Loki (the redhead) and his boyfriend. The colours are beautiful and Brains Base makes it work alot better than their previous reverse harem Brother’s Conflict. All in all, Kamigami No Asobi is looking to be the prettiest show of the season so far.


Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou looks impressive from the get go…and then it gets tiresome. The light beams, the eccentric coloring, the detailed movements.

Brains Base has the right mindset but the show itself looks unfinished andor unpolished. The character designs are meh, just like the show itself.


And that concludes the first part of this, uh, section. Cheers and thank you for keeping up with me :)


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