Let´s Talk About Art, Winter 2015.


I have decided that writing first impressions on the first week of the season is not for me, I think it´s a bit unfair and I usually don´t have a lot to say, which results boring and short posts, because of that, I´ll write up my first impressions on the third week as I´ve done up till now. I´m just destined to become a hipster.


Without a doubt, Death Parade is the best looking, best colour-coordinated and best animated show of this list, at least for the premiere. I didn´t ask or even expect this to be of the same quality of the ambitious OVA, yet somehow it got pretty damn close, if anything, Madhouse shows us what they do best: creating human like characters with lots of expressions, subtle changes and body movement that put their otaku pandering shows a lá Mahouka to absolute shame, it just goes to show what animators want to animate, because I really don´t think that money was the only drive here.

By the end of this episode (a bloody amazing episode, I should add) I had to pick up my jaw from the floor and revive my passion for animation, also, shoutout to dat opening.


After a stunning show of deception and death, let´s talk about the anime embodiment of irony; Saekano, or How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend.

Produced by A1, I didn´t really know what to expect as they don´t really have a style that I can describe in any other way than “clean” and “faithful to the source material”, I didn´t care about Saekano prior to its premiere, and I don´t even know if it has a source material or not, one way or another, I went on a blind date with this episode and I left surprised on both its looks and personality.

Looks wise, the show is crazy bright and for the most part, it´s way better animated than most harem animu, then again, this isn´t your stereotypical everyday one-guy-and-5-girls-including-his-sister-and-teacher show, is it? Anyways, it looks good, nothing to complain about.


Dissapointment on the actual episode aside, Kamisama Hajimemashita definitely got a visual upgrade, not necessarily in animation, but in the overall look, it looks cleaner, softer, newer, like a white baby shirt that just got out of the laundry. Yeah.


Speaking of visual upgrades, I like the subtle changes in the second part of Tokyo Ghoul, the first season looked pretty damn good to begin with, but this one had something a bit more mysterious about it, yes, there were a few derpy derp faces, lazy backgrounds and whatnot, but all in all, it´s nothing to cry about. Kaneki is hot.


Ikuhara and Shinbo must have the same drug dealer, because there´s no other explanation or reason for the trippy style, use of motifs and sometimes irrelevant symbolism that both of these people have mastered, I´m not gonna lie, Lesbian Bears The Animation (or Yuri Kuma Arashi if you want to be a killjoy) is a bit difficult to look at sometimes, maybe it´s too overwhelming, maybe the characters look too a like, maybe it´s been two years since I´ve seen Penguindrum and I´m still trying to understand Ikuhara and his obvious infatuation with animals and naked girls, I don´t hate it, I just can´t appreciate it.

Anyways, honestly speaking, I don´t think the artstyle here is all that, and apart from the opening, neither is the animation.


God bless and hallelujah, never have I thought I could say this, but I´m so glad I can: The second season of Durarara!!! is up and airing, and damn, did it go off with a bang. Interestingly, the studio change did nothing but good for this series, the only thing close to a complaint I have are the character designs, they look different, younger, and even less attractive, especially Shizuo, Izaya and Kida (that´s the emo guys name, right?) one way or another, I´m too happy about this existing to complain, the opening is based and I think am ready for three more seasons of this crazy anime.


I just wanted to show off this gif of Kuroko No Basket 3 and urge you to watch this show if you haven´t already. It is quite possibly one of the best looking shows I have ever seen.


Who do I have to thank for this not being the Danganronpa, octopuss  version? no, really, who? is it the studio? Brains Base? I want to know, because whoever decided to ditch the thick lines and boring colours made this show about 50% better, AssClass is fun to look at, and it´s fun to watch, I didn´t expect me to like this, but I did. So yeah, based stranger, thank you.

For the rest:

The magical boy anime looks as campy as it needs to look, Absolute Duo has a cool opening and that´s it, I haven´t seen Rolling Girls yet but I´m assuming it´s a colourful mess, This Boy Suffers From Crystalization is beautiful, Koufuku Graffiti is another show I haven´t seen, but it´s probably your everyday head-tilting SHAFT and chubby girls slash food porn because they have lost all their chill around Madoka Magica. Is that all? I think that´s all.


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