Legend of the Galactic Heroes Will Get Anime In 2017.

1 You´ve probably heard of the most elite anime in anime history and you might even have thought of watching it to boost your anime knowledge creds, unfortunately 100+ episodes and a handful of movies just isn´t doable for someone with a heathy social life like yourself. In fact it might even seem intimidating if you don´t have a social life and are just too lazy to spend too much time watching one show, even if that show is apparently a religious experience. I don´t blame you.

Good news is on the horizon however, as Legend of the Galactic Heroes will get a whole new adaptation produced by the one and only Studio I.G., we´re just going to have to wait till 2017 to get it. I´ll  be in university by then. That´s a long time.

The tagline on the official website says “In 2017, the history of the galaxy will once more…” it´s probably important to emphasize that this is not a remake, but an adaptation of the original novels with new staff and new studios on it.

If you´ve been living under a rock and don´t know what Legend of the Galactic Heroes is, it´s basically a true epic in anime which counts over 100 episodes, released from 1988 to 2000, directed by Noburo Ishiguro, who passed away in 2012, it was produced by Artland and Madhouse and Shaft helped out. It´s a classic and fans of the franchise will make sure you know they´re fans of it because despite it´s status, hardly anyone has actually seen it.

Personally, I have always wanted to watch it but never really had the time or patience to sit down and do so, so I´m glad a new adaptation is on the way. I´ll definitely try it someday, but for now I´ll carefully anticipate this.


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