Kuzu no Honkai Episode 1 – They Said The S Word.

kuzu no honkai

Day 39, it’s warm outside and the birds are chirping. I still can’t believe Kuzu no Honkai got an anime.

Let me make it abundantly clear that I was skeptical about this show till the very last second of the very first episode. I mean, it’s not like anime has ever actually done anything to convince me that they can take a controversial, sexual manga and not turn it into a whole pile of watered down, PG bullshit.

That was my biggest worry for this show. Because I have read the manga, and it’s not very nice. The characters are basically the worst human traits personified and it’s mean.

This is not a bad thing.

Whether it’s good or bad, to me, is not even part of the discussion here.

None of that even matters when we have a show that defies everything that we have ever seen and gives us make-out scenes and kisses without it being for fanservice. The characters talk like the teenagers that they are, and I’m not sure if I was more shocked by them saying the word sex and friends with benefits or by the actual saliva dripping down their chins when they were making out.

It just goes to show how desensitized we are to all the fanservice and shoujo that we are shocked when a show like this comes around. The last one I can recall being Aku no Hana. Which is in the same vein, but doesn’t make you want to kill yourself nearly as much.

There is no reason as to why you shouldn’t be watching this. I don’t say this because it’s the best written anime of all time, but I say this just because it’s something different in our seasonal anime flavours of moe schoolgirls and idol sauce.

Whether it turns out to be a mess or the best anime to grace the screen, there is one definite reality, and that is that Kuzu no Honkai has done something that other recent anime haven’t. It’s worth our attention for that alone.


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