Kuroshitsuji Book Of Murder Episode 1: Hellsing Ultimate, With Pretty Boys.


But of course, the only similarities Hellsing Ultimate and Kuroshitsuji Book Of Murder bear is their episode lenght, which is basically a 1 hour film per episode, and apparently also their love for badass main characters that grab bullets with their fingers while looking like a 25 year old supermodel despite being a thousand year old vampire and or demon. Anyways. This OVA, it´s good.

Please bare in mind that I have read the chapter covering this arc years before the anime came out, I don´t think this adds or takes anything away from my opinion, though.


The episode starts out simply enough, right after the circus incident from Book Of Circus, Ciel is once more contacted by the Queen, Ciel, however, believes that she lost a bit of her trust in him, so he has to accept the job no matter what, quickly afterwards we find ourselves in the Phantomhive mansion with many different characters, all of them famous or prestigious in one way or another, with the exception of one poor amateur writer/occulist, who wonders what he´s doing there and why he´s there between all the banksters, opera singers and Chinese trading company heads, but all these thoughts are quickly blown away as the invited guests are killed off one by one – with no chance of leaving the mansion due to the storm, who is behind all these murders?

For both newcomers and fans of any Kuroshitsuji medium,  Kuroshitsuji: Book of Murder is a treat to behold, not just because they followed Yana Toboso´s manga to the T, but also because it´s a simple murder mystery story done well.

If you know Kuroshitsuji, you know Kuroshitsuji is usually good at holding the balance between drama, melodrama, lighthearted comedy and the ridiculous kind of comedy – Book of Murder showcases this yet again, and the tapdancing between the outlandish characters keeps us entertained for an entire hour while also gasping and even feeling sorry for the cast.

In the first episode of Book of Murder, a lot happens, and as I´ve said, it gets pretty much A level grades in all categories – while Kuroshitsuji has never been a philosophical, eye-opening show or even one that makes you feel all kinds of things a lá Angel Beats, it knows how to be entertianing, and sways between the afromentioned Angel Beats, Pandora Hearts and its own flavour of pretty pretty boys and, uh, Kuroshitsuji.

All in all, this post hasn´t ben informational in any way, but I just kind of wanted to throw it out there, anyway. Yup.


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Kuroshitsuji Book Of Murder Episode 1: Hellsing Ultimate, With Pretty Boys., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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