Kuroko No Basket’s Threat Suspect Gets 4.5 Years In Prison, Claims He ‘Doesn’t Feel Guilty.’


‘After I’m released from prison, I’m going to end my life. Which was and still is meaningless.‘ Says the 36 year old  Hirofumi Watanabe, the alleged agressor and source of the Kuroko No Basket-related threats. ‘That way, society can rest assured that I won’t do anything stupid again.’ He continues.

Watanabe was arrested last year in December after sending  out -according to television station TBS – around 250 threath letters to stores and news organizations in October alone. Atleast one of these contained lighter fluid. According to the Tokyo Metroplian Police they discovered a lethal dose of nicotine in a Kuroko No Basket related snack sold at 7-eleven.

When asked why he did it, Watanabe answered that it was out of jealousy, and hoped for the mangaka behind Kuroko No Basket – Tadatoshi Fujimaki – to fall in the same into his ‘suicidal journey’ after harassing and depressing him. He also claims he got abused by bullies and his parents during childhood. ‘It’s a good revenge against them.’ He says.

These incidents led for various Kuroko No Basket related events to get canceled, items and doujinshi to get barred during Comiket, removal of all Kuroko No Basket DVD’s and also led for numerous stores to remove all the Kuroko No Basket related merchandise.


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Kuroko No Basket's Threat Suspect Gets 4.5 Years In Prison, Claims He 'Doesn't Feel Guilty.', 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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