Kuroko no Basket Gets Anime Movie.


In an unsurprising announcement at the KuroBas 2015 Cup Event (I did not know this existed and now I´m scared) the cast members themselves confirmed that a movie is in the works. Release date, plot and additional information has not been revealed.

It seems to be a tradition for pretty boy sports animu to get a movie of some sorts – I´m gonna have some faith and assume it´s not a compilation film, but a proper movie adapting the rest of the story. I don´t follow the manga, from what I´ve been told the anime covered everything, so I´m kind of confused.

In case you´re just as bewildered as I was about the KuroBas Cup Event – no, it´s not a bunch of cosplayers facing off in a battle royale-like basketball match, but is really just an event like any other where the voice actors sing songs, talk and, well, reveal new projects. Apparently the crowd lost it when they said this, if I were there in the moment, I probably would have, too, because I´ll definitely miss this baby.


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