Koukaku no Pandora Episode 1 Thoughts; More Efficient Than Rohypnol.


I considered killing myself several times during this episode until I fell asleep in my chair and now my neck is stiff. In all non-bitter honesty though, it´s not that bad if you hate yourself or watch anime for the memes.

I hope you guys know I´m playin´ and y´all have all the right in the world to like whatever you like before you start flaming me for being “disrespectful”, this actually happened once and I don´t think I will ever forget that comment for the sheer hatred towards me in it. Seriously though, it´s all for the sake of comedy, so chill. I like shit anime too.

Anyways, can we make Clarion the poster girl of the Winter season? can we please just do that? can this show blow up just because of her cat ears? will she join the characters-with-zero-substance-but-have-a-thing-that-make-people-want-to-buy-five-hundred-pieces-of-merch-because-of-it hall of fame next to Hestia the boob string pioneer and Umaru the piece of shit everyone wants to be?

Damn, anime is turning into boy and girl bands nowadays; a certain member being more relevant than the rest of the group together. Hestia is the Beyoncé of Danmachi, and I can just hope the revival of the neko girl will be the Justin Timberlake of Koukanu no Pandora just to say I called it.

In all honesty, if you expected some kind of Madoka-deal just because the writer is the dude behind Ghost in the Shell you´re gonna be severely dissapointed, but not that surprised anymore when you read the terms and conditions and realize the dude behind Excel Saga is also a writer on it. From the little knowledge of Excel Saga I have and the few episodes I´ve seen on the Spanish TV re-runs of it, this doesn´t seem nearly as chaotic. It´s just there. Sitting. Blank-faced wiggling its little legs around hoping a bus will pass and pick it up.

Personally, I´m driving right past it, and that shit feels personal, I got left behind for three entire hours once because of it.

I might just be a hater, because I knew I wasn´t going to like this, and while I think the neko girl is fucking fantastic in all her deadpan slapstick glory, I´m not about to spend 24 minutes sitting through this even though it might not be that bad and I´m just bitching. I´m sure there´s an audience, it just ain´t me. And that´s that.

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  1. I think the poster girl for winter 2016 anime is the crazy chick from Dagashi Kachi… but yeah, this is really a bland anime with full yuri pandering.

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