Korean Manwha Noblesse Gets Anime Adaptation, Kimchi Substitutes Ramen.

e021Seeing the usual melon bread and ramen replaced for kimchi and ddeokbokki in every highschool cafetaria scene ever might just be the best thing about this entire episode.

Snark aside, Korean digital publisher Line Webtoon has announced a collaboration project with Production I.G for a 30 minute short of the vastly popular, number-one-on-all-your-friendly-illegal-manga-reading-website and 400 chapters long manwha Noblesse this Thursday. You can watch it here.

I´ve seen it. Or at least I´ve seen the first fifteen minutes of it and then kind of skipped around because frankly, I don´t give a fuck about it. It´s nice to know that all anime tropes are still loud, proud and present in Korea´s equivalent; misleading male bonding, bad jokes and worse haircuts included. It seems pretty typical, to be honest, but I wouldn´t be too harsh on it since it is an OVA after all, and the manwha is popular for a reason, so I´m guessing that´s a lot better and if this collaborations goal was to get people (even more people than the 2 billion views it has on its website) to read the source material, it might have worked since I´m just a little curious now.

Whatever it is, it seems like the actual fans aren´t too pleased with it either, and although I´m sure Korea has some great fiction to offer, I think the best thing I got out of this was the aforementioned simple differences from Japanese anime, like how the highschool is called Ye Ran and not, like, Murasaki High. Good to know metrosexual vampires exist in both.


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Korean Manwha Noblesse Gets Anime Adaptation, Kimchi Substitutes Ramen., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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